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Have you ever had to get up from your easy chair to adjust your windows blinds, to keep the sun from shining in your eyes or from glaring off your television or computer screen?  Wouldn’t it be nice if the blinds were motorized, you could adjust the blinds without having to get up?  Many people might say that this is the height of laziness, but stop and think about it for a minute—there are many advantages to motorized blinds.

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First, some blinds cover windows that are in awkward locations.  The most common such situations are windows set high up on the wall, out of easy reach.  Adjusting such blinds would require either long, unsightly cords hanging down, or require a long hooked pole to operate.  Would it be much simpler and more aesthetically pleasing the just use a wall switch—or, even better, a remote control—to operate the blinds for such windows?

Second, consider the possibilities of window blinds that automatically adjust themselves, even when you are not home.  Some motorized window blinds are equipped with timers or temperature sensors.  These blinds can adjust themselves to open and close to either let sunlight into your home in the winter, or block it out during the summer.  If you are committed to green technology, or even just want to shave some money off your heating and cooling bills, then motorized blinds are a responsible investment that ultimately pays for themselves.

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Finally, maybe getting up to adjust the blinds is simple and easy for a healthy young buck like yourself, but everyone is so fortunate.  Motorized blinds, especially those equipped with remote controls, are very popular among senior citizens and the disabled.

There is actually a wide range of motorized blind systems, from simple and cheap models to highly advanced, expensive modes.

At the simplest, cheapest level, there are motorized blind that are small, battery-powered, and manually operated.  Honestly, there’s not much point in these—if you’re going to get up, walk across the room, and operate the controls of an easily reached window blind, you might as well use a rod or pull cord and save yourself the money.

The next step up are motorized blinds that run off wall power, are operated by wall switches, and have the unsightly wires hidden behind the walls.  These can be a difficult to install for the everyday around-the-house handyman, however, and are more commonly purchased by people remodeling or building new homes.

Moving on, there are motorized window blinds that are operated with a remote control.  These are the most popular, most common models.  Different models are powered different ways.  People who don’t like unsightly cords hanging down prefer the batter-operated motorized blinds, while people who dislike the bother of having to replace batteries prefer motorized blind that plug into a wall outlet.

Remote-controlled motorized blinds can be simple or fancy.  Simple remote controls have only up and down buttons.  Venetian and vertical blinds, however, a bit more complicated.  In addition to opening and closing, the slats can be tilted to adjust the amount of light let through.  Remote controls for Venetian and vertical blinds, therefore, have tilt controls as well.  Finally, the fanciest remote controls let you set and save your preferences, and at the touch of a button the blinds will only open or close, certain point.

Finally, at the top of the range are motorized window blinds with timers, so you can program them to open and close at certain times.  The most advanced even have heat sensors that monitor the sun’s intensity, and open and close your blinds accordingly.  Although expensive, these are the best models to get if you want to be environmentally conscious and save on your home energy bills.

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