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For many people who own luxury apartment and hotel complexes, finding the best supplied and fitted blinds can be tough work. As well-respected UK Designer Electric Blind Installers, we know the importance of accuracy and consistency.

Any supplied and fitted blinds must not only meet your design specifications, but also match the appeal and the visual design of the rest of the venue. We excel at this, creating easy to work with blind installations that look great and meet a more modern style of minimalism without feeling bereft of detail.

If you would like to work with proven UK Designer Electric Blind Installers who understand the importance of quality and credibility, then contact our team today. We make it easier than ever to get blinds installed that work just as you need. We can easily come down and help you to choose from hundreds of fabric samples; this gives you plenty of inspiration and choice for making sure it 100% fits the theme that you want.

Add in the fact that we can also supply quotes a via technical drawings and 100% free premises measurements, you can get the perfect kind of electric blinds supplied and fitted as well as installed without any issue.

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The Perfect Electric Blinds Across the UK

Our team work tirelessly across the UK to help people get the perfect kind of blind fittings as and when they need them. Not only do our services make it easy for you to find lush looking blinds that look great, we only use the best technology possible when making sure that they are fitted.

For example, we provide high quality interior design blinds that work well with the image that you wish to pull off. For those who want more minimalism then we can make the blinds controlled remotely, or you can have them installed on the wall to be controlled in that way. Otherwise, you could easily have us set up a timed platform so that they are automated in how they open up; just let us know what you are looking for! Should you want a concealed blind which is hidden for cosmetic reasons, our team can advise you about blinds that you can hide away behind partitions or facia.

In terms of powering the electric blinds, we can make sure they run off the 240V mains or we can install a battery platform to make sure that they can always have access to the level of quality and consistency you desire.

At the same time, we have to make sure that all of our blinds fit your needs. This is why we are very clear about our blinds only using top of the range technology, making sure that they open and close as and when you ask and not a moment after.

Aimed at the highest end of the housing and hospitality market, our wide collection of electric blinds will make it easy for you to make your property classier, more welcoming and overall more tasteful. For more help and information about the fitting of electric blinds, contact us in future!

Our Company Supplies and Fits motorised blinds Nationwide, recently we have fit electric blinds in Salford, Harrow, Reading, Worcester and Marlow.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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