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UK Commercial Heavy Duty Electric Blinds

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UK Commercial Heavy Duty Electric Blinds

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If you are searching for heavy duty thick gauge commercial electric blinds, our UK Company can help. We sell hard wearing sturdy motorised blinds for both commercial and industrial use; these are the kind of blinds that have to stand up to extra wear and tear due to their commercial usage. This means the fabrics have to be heavy gauge and the motors need to endure extreme and continual use.

Such blinds would be used in industrial complexes or large commercial buildings, maybe even hospitals or public buildings such as council offices, military installations or even shopping centres. Our blinds come in a range of fabrics ranging from high end luxury materials to the more durable harder wearing “thick gauge” choices, our motors are sourced from Somfy and our systems can be integrated with the latest smart technology.

Our heavy gauge commercial blinds tend to be operated via timer automation or sensor systems, if though you wish to use tablet or mobile control we also offer app controlled blinds. We can supply and fit roller, Venetian, pleated, roman and blackout electric blinds.
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Power supply for Commercial Motorized Blinds

Our commercial blinds can be powered via one of three options, we can fit battery powered blinds, mains powered blind, and Solar powered blinds. The choice depends on if you desire a hard wired option or a battery supply option. Battery and solar blinds would suit a situation where it would be difficult to install a 240 volt supply socket, also should you wish to take the green route then solar power would be the way to go.

Electric blinds for large Commercial offices

We supply commercial motorised blinds for both large and small office complexes, although they are hard wearing there is no comprise when it comes to their visual impact. They are strong but also extremely pleasing to the eye, we are happy to supply a fit anywhere within the UK.

Commercial Electric Roof Blinds

Electric roof shading is an area we are particularly experience in; if you have a high up glass roof that requires protection then we can help. We can supply heavy duty blinds that open and close via a timer, these would be ideal for shopping centers or exhibition complexes; if you need a price for such an installation then we can easily give you a quote via your schematics, just send us your architect’s drawings and we will do the rest. You can submit them via email and one of our team will work out a price, our email address is below.

Our Company Supplies and Fits automated blind systems Nationwide, recently we have fit remote control blinds in Liverpool, London, Reading, Oxford and Loughborough.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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