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Solar Powered Electric Blinds with App Control

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Solar Powered Electric Blinds with App Control

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Our British company supplies and fits solar powered electric blinds throughout the UK, our PV blind systems work by harnessing and storing the suns energy in order to power the blinds. We use the latest photovoltaic technology which is both great for the environment, and also great for your pocket. Powering electric blinds via solar power does not require constant sunlight; even in the winter there will be sufficient sunlight in order to constantly power your blinds. They can generate a substantial amount of electricity even in low light conditions; also their cells have a lengthy storage capacity which helps.

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Solar Blinds promote Green Energy and Save you money

The great thing about solar blinds is their effect on the environment is small; yes they do leave a carbon footprint however their impact will be minimal. Fossil fuel pollution is indeed a serious issue; by using solar blinds you will not only be doing your bit for the planet. You will be helping your bank balance, reason being they will “not” increase your household or company energy bill. Electricity bills are a huge financial burden to those of us living in the UK; once you have made the initial investment you can be assured that photovoltaic blinds will save you money.
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How are Solar Blinds Operated and Controlled?

Our solar blinds can be controlled in a number of ways, we offer a convenient hand held remote control along with wall switch interfaces. As well as push button technology we can also provide you will mobile and tablet controlled systems, these work via an app which is available for both Android and iOS technology. If you wish to work your blinds via the Amazon Echo System, unfortunately at this time it is not available in the UK. This is because you would need a “smart interface” that runs on our UK power supply; at present the Echo interfaces are only available for US voltages.

How much are Solar Powered Blinds?

Solar blind prices are now more affordable than ever; quotes can also be provided fast via our website or over the phone. In the past many of our customers have submitted many inaccurate measurements, as a result this meant that costly mistakes were made and the overall prices were more expensive. Because of this we now offer a “free Nationwide” measuring and price survey, just give us a call or phone us to arrange a visit. We offer this service 7 days a week, evenings or weekends.

Custom Made PV Blinds Fitted For Free/

We fit all our motorised solar blinds for free; this is at a time of “your” convenience and includes evenings and weekends. If you require “commercial” photovoltaic blinds, these can be installed during the night. This way the installation process will “not” interfere with the running of your day to day business; it will also help our installers to fit your blinds faster.

If you want to control the light yet take advantage of its energy, solar blinds are the way to go. Harnesses the power of the sun’s rays and gain access to an amazing shading technology, our photovoltaic blinds are some of the best out there.

As too is the price of our blinds.

Give us a call or send us an email, we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Our Company Supplies and Fits remote control blinds Nationwide, recently we have fit remote control blinds in Derby, Watford, Slough, Thatcham and Ipswich.

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