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Roof blinds, and roof blinds with remote control in particular, are more often used in conservatories rather than in houses. But that is only because not every house has an attic that was put to good use. Many people use it to store things they do not need anymore or which they will not need in the near future. But if you turned your attic into a bedroom, workshop, or even a relaxation room, then it would be a good idea to install some roof blinds on your windows. It would be an even better idea to install roof blinds with remote control, since they will make your room more pleasant thanks to the increased sunlight and temperature control. On the other hand, if you have built a conservatory, then roof blinds are almost a necessity.

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No matter if you want to purchase roof blinds with remote control for your attic room or for your conservatory, you should be glad to know that you have several options to choose from. First, you have to decide on the type of blinds that you want. Mostly any type of blinds for windows has a similar version for roofs. But not every set of roof blinds is the same as the others. For example, the Venetian roof blinds, as elegant as they are, present the risk of scratching your windows and are difficult to clean, as well. On the other hand, pleated roof blinds do not damage the windows and also offer great shading. Likewise, roman roof blinds protect you from a bright sun without robbing you of natural light. And they are also very elegant and luxurious. Still, the roller roof blinds are considered the best of all, protecting you and the room from both strong sunlight and high temperatures. Furthermore, they are also the most affordable out of all the roof blinds.

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Every type of roof blinds has its own advantages and disadvantages. And for each type, there are also roof blinds with remote control. They are just as classy as normal roof blinds, but they will considerably reduce your effort due to their electric operation.

After you have decided on the type of roof blinds with remote control that you want, there is one more thing you need to decide on: how much light you want to pass through the blinds. Depending on this factor, there are three types of roof blinds, each one having its own advantages. First, there are the well-known blackout blinds. Roof blackout blinds are similar to other normal roof blinds and – depending on the type of roof blinds they are based on – they can block sunlight completely or only 99% of it. The blackout roof blinds with remote control are considered the most popular roof blinds, since they offer the greatest level of shade, they have amazing temperature control and some models also block the outside noise.

The second type of roof blinds with remote control is the dim-out roof blinds. These roof blinds, although they let in a little sunlight, they greatly reduce the sun glare on the objects within the room or the conservatory.

The third type is the tinted roof blinds. As their name suggests, they are made of coloured translucent materials that let in just the right amount of light, giving the outdoor feeling that is so common to conservatories, without you having to bear the burning heat of the summer sun. At the same time, these tinted roof blinds reflect a great part of the sunlight, acting almost like mirrors. This allows you to observe the events happening outside like you were looking through sunglasses. However, these blinds also give you the privacy you need. This last type of roof blinds with remote control, although it has a greater price, it is recommended by both experts and sellers, since they are considered the perfect combination of efficiency and design.

Regardless of the type of roof blinds with remote control you want, the main advantage is that they reduce your effort to the minimum. You can relax on the couch in the conservatory or in the attic all day long, because whenever the sunlight or heat tries to disturb you, you can adjust the blinds by pushing a button on the remote control, while still lying down, or reading a book.

The greatest problem with roof windows is finding some roof blinds with remote control that actually fit them. Because of the roof’s angle, the shape of the windows is not always regular, especially when talking about conservatories. Some windows may be smaller than the others; others may have a different shape, like a triangle. But there is no need to worry. We offer to come ourselves and take the window measurements for you, and it will not cost you a thing. Wherever you are in the UK, all you need to do is call us on contact us online, and we will come to you. Also, by phone, online, or in person, we will tell you about all the types of roof blinds with remote control that we have for sale and about their prices.

We offer a wide range of electric roof blinds with remote control, varying in terms of colour, material, design, or size. The odds are that you will certainly find the roof blinds that you want among our products. But even in the rare case that you will not find the ideal roof blinds for you, whether in terms of size or material, we will make some custom made roof blinds just for you, so that you will be able to complete the decoration of your attic room or conservatory, and it will look just the way you wanted.

Roof blinds with remote control are definitely a necessity in your attic room or conservatory, and although they cost a little more than the classic roof blinds, they are still affordable, and they will make your life easier, more intimate and more convenient than ever before.

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