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You may have finished building your conservatory, but you cannot call it complete until the blinds are installed, and the wisest choice is to have some remote control roof blinds installed

Types of Remote Control Roof Blinds

When you choose the type of blinds to install in your conservatory, you have to keep count of certain aspects, such as the shape of the conservatory’s roof. There are three major categories of blinds used to cover the orangeries’ and conservatories’ top part.

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Each category comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Making a choice therefore implies keeping count of several details, such as the architecture of the house to which the glass structure was added. Let’s take a look at the particularities of each category.

– Venetian blinds – they make an excellent choice for the conservatories’ windows. In the case of remote control roof blinds, however, they are not exactly favorites, especially due to the way they are made. Their slats may scratch the glass surface of the roof. Besides, they are pretty hard to clean too.

– Pleated blinds – thanks to their fan-like folding systems, most professionals recommend them as an efficient shading solution for conservatories and not only. Besides, using them as RC roof blinds brings no damage to the structure, and doesn’t affect their warranty in any way.

– Roller blinds – they are the most efficient, especially from the point of view of their cost. They are the most affordable compared to the other two above presented categories. Also, they offer the best protection against powerful sunlight and the aggressive action of glare. They protect not only people, but also the furniture and electric devices to be found in conservatories. The best way to ensure their maximum functionality is to have them made to measure, thus ensuring both aesthetics and perfect coverage.

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The Benefits of Installing Remote Control Roof Blinds

• You can choose from a variety of models – There are three main types of roof blinds judging by functionality, each of them bringing its own advantages. The blackout blinds offer the highest level of shade, keeping away the burning sun of the summer and ensuring a cool and welcoming atmosphere in the space they cover. The dim-out remote control roof blinds allow a small amount of light to transpire, considerably reducing the effect of sun glare on the objects in the conservatory. Last but not least, the more expensive, and more efficient tinted roof blinds are made of translucent materials that allow you to look through the roof, like wearing a giant pair of sun glasses. They reflect a great part of the light and heat, without removing the charm and the outdoors feeling conservatories create. Any careful consideration recommends this last type of remote control roof blinds as the excellent combination between design and efficiency.

• They can match any size – They are available in a lot of custom made sizes, and if you can’t find the one size that answers your needs you can simply have them made by measure.

• They ensure thermal insulation – Among the numerous advantages remote control blinds offer we have to remind the efficient temperature control, translated through a significant reduction of the heating related expenses and of the air conditioning power consumption.

• They can be controlled from a distance – Thanks to the remote controlled system, they can be adjusted from a considerable distance, in no time, with only the push of a button.

• Different powering options – The most popular are the large blinds, with 240 Volt power supply requirements. The average size remote control roof blinds only require 24 Volt power supply. Since both categories come with a complicated wiring system, it is advisable to have them installed by professionals unless you have some consistent knowledge on setting up electrical systems. Battery operated roof blinds are also available, but they are smaller and not so popular.

• They are quite affordable – Although they are a little more expensive than the classical, manually operated roof blinds, these blinds are worth every cent, especially since they represent a long term investment, minimizing one’s efforts and improving comfort significantly.

• They match any tastes and expectations – There are different models, materials and sizes available, so no matter what your conservatory looks like, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the blinds to match your aesthetic, practical and financial criteria. – Your Remote Control Roof Blinds Specialist

Since the development of this particular market segment, our company gained a well deserved place among the most reputable companies in the field. We are proud to offer a rich variety of products, designed to cover all of our clients’ needs, providing functional shading solutions at accessible prices.

We always manage to keep the prices of our blinds at a competitive level, and this is because all the materials we use are purchased directly from their manufacturers. Our offer for remote control roof blinds includes various models, sizes, both custom made and also made to measure, following the specifications of the client.

Our products are designed not only for homes, but also for offices, medical facilities, schools or hotels. You can find all the information you need and review our models online, visiting our website. If any of the offers convinces you, just contact us using the free of charge phone number provided.

If you are interested in our made by measure remote control blinds, there is more good news for you: the measurements are performed for free, no matter where you live. Our staff will take care of the formalities and, in no time, you will have your blinds installed and ready to use.

To resume, there is no such thing as a completely equipped orangery without a beautiful and functional set of remote control roof blinds following your design and style requirements, adjusted to the size of your conservatory’s roof, to your budget and to your preferences when it comes to light intensity.

We supply and fit motorised blinds Nationwide, recently we have fit automated blinds in Kettering, Harrow, Slough, Cambridge and Denham.

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