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What do pleated motorized roof blinds look like and what good are they to the average person, their family and the house that they live in?  We are going to do our best right here to demystify that issue and give you some information you can use.
To start off, these types of blinds look phenomenal and can be used on both your standard window as well as the roof of your conservatory room.

One thing that makes this type of electric blind totally different from anything else is that they function and open or close opposite of the traditional blinds.  What I mean by that is that with a traditional set of blinds, they pull to the top to gain access to the window so that when they are completely open they are grouped together at the top of your blind where a pleated blind set will pull downward and will be at the bottom when fully open.  That should be clear enough, right?

They are set on wire guides so that they will remain ever so close to the glass when in use and that also helps them to maintain their attractive shape no matter if they are open or closed so they always look great.

If you are looking to get better light blocking ability, you can also get them in a boxed frame; which allows a greater amount of light blockage due to the tightness of the overall product against the suns rays.

You can get these in a wide variety of material and colors to match nearly any decor that you can imagine so there is no worry about making sure they will blend nicely with your existing layout unlike traditional blinds which look, well out of place in most instances.  Another nice thing about this kind of motorized blind is that, due to the fact that they are subjected to such high heat and humidity levels from where they are located, they are specially treated so that they will not lose the color you chose due to fading or lose their integrity because of the subjection to the humidity, the light and the heat.

Another really neat thing, if you are so inclined and have some spare money, is that the all pleated blinds can be motorized.  Remember the cool scenes in the old spy movies where with the touch of a button the evil villain out to conquer the world reveals his weapon behind the glass which was covered by the blinds.  So you can get a piece for your house that is both functional and a huge conversation piece as well.  More bang for the buck as they say.

They bottom line here is that if you need remote control blinds, it may well be worth looking into the beauty and functionality of the pleated blinds.  They will make an attractive statement about you and maintain those looks and the functionality for a long time and you can make you life easier by adding a motor to them.  That makes this a very novel idea and a definite win-win scenario for today’s busy folks.

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