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If you have just built a beautiful, tall conservatory, the chances are you will notice that in summer, the sunlight that falls through the roof is unbearably strong, so you must install electric roof blinds. Conservatories are great relaxation spaces, but because they have large windows and a window roof, temperature control can prove to be quite difficult.

In hot summer days, spending more than a few minutes inside your conservatory might be enough to cause sun poisoning. On the contrary, in winters, because of the British cold climate, the temperature in your conservatory can drop so much you will avoid the space until spring returns. The good news is that there is a solution to fix these temperature issues: electric roof blinds.

By installing electric roof blinds, you will be able to reduce the amount of sunlight that falls through your conservatory roof in summer time, and maintain a pleasant and constant temperature inside. Thanks to the thermal properties of roof blinds, the appropriate temperature in the conservatory will be maintained even in winters.

Reasons to install electric roof blinds

Electric roof blinds come with a lot of advantages that will make your time spent in the conservatory more pleasant than ever before. Here are some benefits of roof blinds:

– Temperature and heat control – as we have previously mentioned, roof blinds are the most effective way of maintaining the perfect temperature inside your conservatory in summer and winter.

– Reduced energy costs – thanks to the roof blinds and their temperature control properties, you will use less electricity and gas to maintain optimum temperature inside. Therefore, you will spend less money on bills and save some money you can invest in interior design or other helpful appliances for your conservatory.

– Reduced UV rays – when the sun is up in the sky, UV rays that enter your conservatory can be extremely powerful and harmful. They can not only affect plants, pets and humans, but also the furniture and all the other objects inside your conservatory. Continuous sun exposure can lead to the decolouration of the furniture fabrics and contribute to creating a faded, deteriorated aspect of objects. At the same time, by lowering the electric roof blinds, you can rest assured your skin and your pets are protected against harmful UV rays.

– Luxurious design – electric roof blinds are also an important design element of a conservatory. You can choose the materials, fabrics, textures, colours, patterns for the blinds you order, because there are countless models available. The only thing you have to pay attention to is matching the blinds with the interior design of your conservatory. Manufacturers are interested in satisfying the preferences and needs of all kind of people, so there is no doubt you will find a low cost, stylish model of blinds to match the design of your space. Also, because roofs have different surfaces and shapes, you can order custom made blinds, that fit perfectly to your roof. People who opted for an unusual roof shape shouldn’t worry, because electric roof blinds can be made in any type of shape or size.

Contact our team of experts at, and they will offer their professional measuring services for free, no matter where in the UK you live, and no matter how unconventional your conservatory roof shape is. We will give you a price approximation on the spot, so you can plan your investment depending on the available budget.

We offer an exquisite range of electric roof blinds that will transform your conservatory in a relaxation jewel where you can spend peaceful moments with your family and friends.

– Sunlight control – in case you use your conservatory as an entertainment or work area, and you have a TV or a computer in there, sunlight can be a bother, sometimes. When the sun is strong and reflects on your computer or TV screen, there is a great chance you will not be able to see anything, and it will feel extremely frustrating. If you install electric roof blinds, whenever you want to watch a movie or work on your computer, you can lower the blinds and block sunlight, and you will be able to enjoy a perfect screen image.

– Increased privacy – in case there are taller buildings around your house, there is a high chance their inhabitants can see what happens inside your conservatory through the glass roof. If that is the case, installing roof blinds can be an effective solution for increasing your privacy. Especially at night time, when the artificial light can reveal everything to curious eyes, you can lower the blinds and enjoy privacy and safety.

– Good mood – some people hate it when it rains. The cloudy sky and the seemingly never-ending rain can lead them into depression. If you are one of those sunny persons, install roof blinds, and whenever the sky becomes dark and threatening, lower the blinds, and shut the lousy weather out. If you cannot see the clouds, they will not hurt you. This way, you can enjoy beautiful moments in your conservatory, no matter the weather conditions.

– Comfort – electric roof blinds are usually remote controlled. Imagine how difficult it would be if you had to lower or raise roof blinds manually. Conservatory roofs can be pretty high, so reaching them is not the easiest thing to do. However, with the help of the remote control, you will be able to control roof blinds extremely easy, just by pushing a few buttons.

Because electric roof blinds are installed in a difficult to reach place, it is very important to choose a model that offers durability and quality. You should go for a low maintenance model that will keep its shine and attractiveness in time and that is dust resistant.

If you are looking for hi-tech, long lasting roof blinds, check out our offer. Give your conservatory the finishing touch by installing electric roof blinds manufactured by one of the top UK companies in the business, Motorized Blinds.

We supply and fit Electric blind systems Nationwide, for example we have recently fit electric blinds in Derby, Watford, Slough, Coventry and Nottingham.

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