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If you want your home to be the cozy and relaxing space you deserve, you need at least a conservatory or a covered terrace where you can seek refuge whenever you want some time for yourself or you need to find answers to the problems that are bothering you, but no conservatory or terrace is complete without a set of electric roof blinds. Why would you need blinds on the roof? It is probably made of glass or a similar transparent material, to let the light in, let you enjoy the sight of the clear sky and keep your plants lively and beautiful. But what about the hot summer days? You don’t want to feel like in a sauna or get too tanned, do you?

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That is exactly where electric roof blinds come in. Why electric? You may be tempted to state that manually operated or battery operated blinds can do a just as great job, but that is only because you haven’t considered the implications. For one thing, the roof is quite high and has quite a large surface. Manual operation systems would be quite soliciting, if not impossible to use, and batteries are too weak to action such large and heavy blinds. Besides, you need that space to relax, perhaps to enjoy a nice conversation with someone close, to read a book or to lie around when you feel tired. Why waste your energy on strings or cranks, when you can have everything adjusted to your needs with the push of a button?

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Now that we agree on the necessity of the electric roof blinds, let’s move on and see how you can make sure you invest profitably. Indeed, these blinds are an investment, but one in your own comfort and well being. Of course, you call the shots when it comes to money, because it is your decision whether you go for the basics or you want style and luxury. We can ensure both and quite a few in-between solutions. As you will soon discover on your own, we have surprisingly cheap prices compared to the quality of the materials we use, but there is a viable explanation – we only work with the best manufacturers, so we pay no intermediary costs.

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Although we do have some custom made electric roof blinds, the roof is usually more demanding, so we recommend that you settle for made to measure. You may find it a bit challenging, since there are no final prices available, which is why we have set up an online price calculation system and we also provide free quotation services. Thus, in order to have an estimation of the cost of your electric roof blinds, you can simply calculate the surface of your roof, choose the type of material and operating system you find appropriate and add up the values.

Small differences may appear between your measurements and those of our staff, but nothing so relevant as to prevent you from being able to cover the cost of the blinds. As soon as you find the combination you were looking for, or that matches your taste and expectations in terms of sunlight protection, safety and comfort, you can contact us and ask us to send our representatives to where you live, for the final measurements. When they arrive, make sure you ask all the questions and you discuss all the electric roof blinds details explicitly, because it would be a shame to place your order and discover that it would have been better to choose something else.

Don’t worry, the measurements are performed for free no matter in which part of the UK you live, and the consultation part, also free, is our way of showing that we really care about your needs and we do want to provide the best services you could hope for. If for the windows we leave the choice between interior and exterior blinds to our customers, when it comes to electric roof blinds, we highly recommend that they be placed at the exterior. On one hand, the installation process is faster, simpler and safer, but, what matters the most, the blinds have a greater stability and they can protect the roof both against burglars and against bad weather.

As you may have noticed, the weather went a little crazy throughout the last couple of years, and chances are things will get worse. Installing the electric roof blinds on the outside, you can have excellent protection against wind, rain and storms. Of course, they would take the place of the shutters and they would have to be made of solid materials, like wood, metal or PVC. While wood used to be the most common material, you know water is not exactly its favorite, so you may want to settle for one of the other two options.

Then again, considering the stringent need for thermal insulation, metals are not a great option either. That leaves us to PVC. You may not be very familiar with it, but don’t worry. It is not only durable and reliable, but also fashionable. Besides, some of the most reliable windows and doors systems are currently made of PVC. It is lighter than wood and metal, and it ensures a better thermal insulation. You PVC electric roof blinds will look and perform great in any circumstances. We agreed on the necessity of the electric operation system earlier, but you may find it useful to know that your blinds can be powered though your home electrical system and included in your home automation system. That means they can be pre-programmed to open or close depending on the weather forecast, your daily schedule or your preferences. The best part is that everything is simpler than switching TV channels.

You work hard every day, you have to sacrifice so many things for each bit of comfort you try to add to your home! Let us do something for you, let us make your life better with our budget priced but luxurious electric roof blinds!

We supply and fit motorised blinds Nationwide, for example we have recently fit powered blinds in Lincoln, Harrow, Slough, Cambridge and High Wycombe.

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