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If you are looking for motorized window blinds then hopefully we can provide you with them, when you purchase any type of electric shades it is essential that you are not rushed into a purchase. Also you must ensure that when looking for blinds you are aware of who makes the best and most reliable blinds motors, Somfy for one are among the best and most cost effective and our most popular choice.

Nearly all window blinds will have to be measured and this would be done via a survey, one of our technicians will visit the location the blinds will be fitted in and accurately measure in order that the product then be made to order. Motorized blinds not only look great they are the ultimate in top of the range interior design window fitting, such blinds are becoming more and more popular and are now within the reach of anyone who’s tastes may desire them.

The choice of fabrics for motorized window blinds is superb and can be utilized with most modern remote control activation systems, such remote control systems are not as pricey as they used to be and are the ultimate in privacy and temperature control accessories.

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Our technicians can visit any part of the UK and can carry out a survey for motorized window blinds in just about any environment that you could think of, simply call one of our team for a free fast phone consultation and we can arrange for a representative to visit. In many instances we can give an quote via our Free phone number 0800 1412830 so don’t be afraid to call us, even if you have questions and are at the early stages of looking for motorized window blinds we will still be happy to give you some advice.

We can supply motorized blinds systems for…

: Hotels
: Homes
: Conference and meeting rooms
: Factory buildings

In fact anywhere a blind is needed we can fit an electric window blind.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

Tel: 0800 1412830