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Motorized Venetian Blinds are something that our staff can easily help you with, you can choose venetian blinds in whole range of colours and styles we can help you when it comes to choosing the correct fabric for your needs. Electric blinds especially venetian should be purchased with care, be sure that the motors come form a reputable motor company such as Somfy.

If you are unsure of which fabric your blinds should be made of then our staff will point you to the product that best suits your needs, the two basic areas of difference are.. venetian blinds for privicy and venetian blinds for temperature control. Our motorized systems have thermal backed material which will keep the heat either out or in, the blinds we sell for privicy will be of a lighter materail which often is cheaper to purchase. This is the same for electric window shades of all styles and design as the materials can be matched to all shade types.

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When purchasing any motorized venetian blind system you should always ensire you do “not” rush into a purchase, never let the sales person tempt you with an “on the day discount”… remember “most” salesman are taught that the signature is the golden egg. Electric blinds be they remote control or manual should only be purchased after you have had at least 2 quotes.

All our venetian systems can be put together from a choice of superb luxury fabrics and colours, due to sourcing our motors direct from the manufacturers the order to fit time is also extremely short.

We supply both infrared and wireless remote control packages and also specialize in electric window shades.

From luxury home designs to smart contemporary office deals…

Our Company Supplies and Fits Electric blind systems Nationwide, recently we have fit electric blinds in Liverpool, Harrow, Reading, Thatcham and Surrey.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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