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Motorized shades, blinds and accessories should certainly be an area in which we can guide you. We sell and build complete custom made electric blind systems. From schools who usually have high unreachable blinds in their assembly halls, to offices who require the best look where there clients are concerned.  The main thing we pride oursleves on is “not” being pushy, quite simply our prices are so competitive that we are happy for our potential customers to request quotes from rival electrical blind manufacturers.
If you talk to us on the phone we will first try and ascertain if coming to us is the right thing for you, if we think we can sell you the correct electric shades or blinds will will then arrange to either visit you. Actually in quite few instances we can give you a rough quote for your blinds over the phone which by the way is FREE if you call us.

Fabrics for most motorized shades blinds and sun shades are exactly the same is manul blinds, we have a huge swatch of materials and colours that will suit just about anypersonal tast. If you are purchasing motorized shades for temperature reasons then you will want one of our thermal products, these are blinds that are made to reflect the heat thus allowing a high level of temperature control. As with all our motorized shades, blinds and accessories we will urge you to obtain an additional quote from another company. By advising you to check out other prices we feel that you will realise we offer a fair product for a fair price, also we hope our non pressure approach ensures that you are dealing with a respoisible company.

Oh yes one more thing, we are also pretty confident that we will “nearly” always offer the cheaper price.

We supply and fit Electric blind systems Nationwide, for example we have recently fit automated blinds in Kettering, Harrow, Slough, Thatcham and Bolton.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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