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Motorized Roller blinds can be controlled via a wall mounted switch unit or the more popular hand held remote control units, now days the price difference between the two has become less and less and most people who opt for electric roller blinds prefer the remote control systems. The biggest piece of advice we could offer to anyone who is looking at purchasing motorized roller blinds is this, “never” ever commit to buying your blinds at the time of meeting your first sales person. Most electric roller blind companies brainwash there employees into getting the customer to commit on the first appointment, be smart and get 2-3 quotes before you make your decision.

Question the blinds salesman about what kind of motors are fitted, “if” the salesman can answer some of the more technical questions then hopefully you will be onto a good thing. For example if the sales persons answer where to be something like Somfy motors, that would be a good indication as to if you are “really” dealing with an expert. This can be said for all styles of electric roller blinds and shades..

The fabrics and colour ranges of our shading solutions are no different for hand operated blinds or electrically controlled blinds, we have a massive range of colour swatches that you can choose from, if you should ask one of our technicians to carry out a survey in order to find out the sizes and prices of the motorized blinds we can offer you then you will be able to view the fabric selector.

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The benefits of motorized roller roof blinds are quite obvious, in the case of roof blinds some buildings cannot function with non electric systems. Commercial locations can require extremely large electric roller blind systems and the heights that are involved leave no other course of action than to install remotely operated systems. For lovers of all things modern they are the ultimate in interior design excellence, at the flick of a switch your motorized roller blinds will make you the envy of your friends but most of all .. provide you with the lifestyle that you truly deserve.

We provide electric motorized roller blind systems for

: Commercial premises such as offices, boardrooms and conference centers
: Hotel and public facilities
: Luxury homes
: Luxury Conservatories
: Sports halls, Sports Stadiums
: Orangeries
: Historic buildings
: Schools
: Laboratories
: Classrooms
: Motels
: Pubs
: Factories

Simply call one of our technicians on our Free phone number and maybe we can match you with one of our products, we are so confident we can offer a truly competitive price that we encourage anyone who makes an enquiry with us to obtain at least one other company quote. Oh and one more thing, quotes for electric roller blinds prices can be obtained via our online price calculator.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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