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motorised blindsWe are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of Electric Blinds

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, we offer our services all over the country and can swiftly and easily provide quotes for all manner of remote control blinds.

We are able to offer some of the lowest electric blinds prices in the UK, because we source our components directly from the top manufacturers our quotes are truly hard to match.

Now that we are heading into winter why not call us and find out about our mains powered electric blinds, we will happily visit you for a free measure-up then leave you to check out the prices of some other electric blind firms.

Electric Blinds for homes and business

We can provide motorized blinds for homes, conservatories, offices, businesses, schools, Just about any purpose you can think of. We also welcome orders from “new build projects” and just about any purpose you might need blinds for.

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All you need to do is call a member of our specialist installation team to find out if we will be able to assist you [ its Free on 0800 1412830 ], if indeed you feel we can help we will then visit you and carry out an on the spot survey. Once a survey has been actioned you will be given a quote, if you are happy with it we can take things to the final stage….. ordering and installation of remote control blinds.. Our specialist blinds installers are some of the best in the UK, no matter what kind of application you need us to help you with, a hotel, home, Conservatory, electric window shades, we will take a look at “any” and all jobs..

Electric Blinds for Less

The biggest tip we could give anyone searching for motorized blinds is this…. “ALWAYS” get a number of quotes when looking for an electric blinds supplier, oh and never be rushed by the blinds company salesman. Remember he is trained to get your signature when he talks to you, waiting another day or so could save you hundreds of pounds. No matter what kind of home or interior product you are buying, be it duvet covers, bedding or motorized blinds Always shop around. Motorized shades, blinds or any product should only be purchased after obtaining at least 2 quotes.

When we have someone contact us in order to buy or obtain a quote concerning motorized blinds the main thing we ask of them is what are they trying to achieve? also what is their main priority. With some people the key elements will be hi-tech design and of course “the look”. Straight away we will know if we are dealing with a customer who needs a practical application or one who is looking for some kind of interior design application, luckily we are experts in both areas and can help with both product and fabric choice.

We can guarantee you 100% that there is a 50% chance that the product we offer you may be cheaper than the one “you thought” you were going to purchase, quite simply by being honest we have an amazing recommendation rate. We know for a fact that it is better for us to advise the customer to buy the “right” product as opposed to an expensive package, happy customers will always pass our name onto their friends whilst unhappy buyers will feel cheated.

For most types of blinds that rely on automation we will be able to provide you with a rough price via email or phone [ we have a free phone number ], in most cases our prices our “very” competitive so one of our specialist blind fitters will visit you to survey for an “exact” size and price quote. When we visit you we will be able to provide you with some samples of fabrics via our shade selection charts, once you are happy with our quote we can then proceed with your custom order.

Electric Blinds for large Projects

Note: If your order is for a large project such as a school, factory or hotel the order may take a day or two extra to build. Because we have such substantial buying power our suppliers are always eager to supply us as soon as they can, nobody wants to wait so this is a great bonus for anyone who commissions us to custom make their blinds.

Blinds have existed ever since windows have been invented and reinvented. Blinds have subjected to design phases during its first creation along with the windows. During ancient times, blinds are made of fabric, wool, wood and animal furs. Each material brings different kinds of aesthetic appeal to it and brings out the imagination of the builder and architects. There are also different kinds of blind system or structure: it can be vertical or horizontal.

Modern Blinds have become more elegant and sophisticated than before, and technology has made additional blind materials such as plastic and acrylics. Vertical blinds are one of the most common drapes you can find out there, they can be found in most homes and offices. Vertical blinds are usually composed of many pieces of slabs joined together to form a whole or until the desired window is covered.

The advent of electricity gave a new technology even for window blinds such as Electric Vertical Blinds. Vertical blinds are the easy to open and it needs little effort to do so, that’s why an Electric Vertical Blinds are easy to operate and have less stress load for the electric motor. The most popular vertical blinds set up has a two set pulley, which can be pulled with a cord that tracks along the metal rail above and opens up the blinds.

The other pulley operates differently but it still part of the rail system. This pulley tilts the vanes so that light can pass through without opening the whole blinds. The Electric Vertical Blinds operates the someway but uses an electric motor to do all the pulling with just a touch of a button. A remote control version of the Electric Vertical Blinds is available making it more convenient.

The vertical blinds unlike its brother the horizontal one, the vertical blinds is stronger and are not easily be damage by a strong winds and holds less dust. Vertical blinds are generally requires less energy and faster to operate, but the vertical blinds are prone to breaking down because of stress of the pulley. The vertical blinds have many material and colors available to choose from depending on your style and taste.

Vertical blinds has some oddly advantages. Vertical blinds are usually made of thick plastic, which slows down heat leakage into a cold room. And in warm or tropical climates, vertical blinds somehow discourage flies and other insects to enter homes and buildings.

The electric blinds we offer all come with a 5 year guarantee, we use the most up to date shade mechanisms and the most luxurious materials and fabrics. If you want budget electric blinds these can also be provided, simply call us for a quote and one of our design advisers will suggest the best type of electric blinds for your needs.

Below are just a fraction of the applications we can help you with, if you have “any” questions at all or want to call us please feel free to do so.

– Commercial blind packages for factory roofs – we can provide basic “low cost” fabrics.
– Wall mount controlled electric powered vertical blinds.
– Budget priced Electric controlled pinoleum blinds.
– Hi tech luxury roller blinds – straight out of a James Bond Movie.
– Custom made electronic window shades with thermal backing.
– Electrically powered pinoleum blinds with 240 volt motors.

All our Electric shades and remote control systems are fitted by our own technicians.

Areas we fit electric blinds include

Listed here are just a sample of the locations we can supply and fit Electric blinds in… Manchester, Lincoln, London, Chalfont st Giles, Birmingham, Southport, Sheffield, Wakefield, Newark, Liverpool, Newark on Trent, Ruislip, Coventry, Tamworth, Dunstable, Nottingham, Evesham, Northampton, Stockport, Rickmansworth, Dudley, Stamford, Leicester, Warwick, Bolton, Wrexham, Milton Keynes,Melton Mowbray,  Luton, Evesham, Wolverhampton, High Wycombe, Windsor, Leeds, Stoke on Trent, Doncaster, Salford, Crewe, Solihull, Blackpool, Rochdale, Lancaster, Peterborough, Burnley, Newbury, Harrogate, Oxford, Darlington, Bradford, Liverpool, Wirral, Watford, Leicester, Chester, Chesterfied, Aylesbury, Stockport, Bedford, Fleetwood, Morecombe, Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead, Shipley, Swindon, Derby, Mansfiled, Wellingborough, Retford, Kettering, Cambridge, Nuneaton, Stoke Poges, Redditch, Worcester, Slough, Reading, Stevenage, Hatfield, Bicester, Manchester north, Corby, Maidenhead, Marlow, Amersham, Chesham, Walsall, Berkhamsted, Denham, Beaconsfield, Macclesfield, Abingdon.

All our remote control window blinds are sourced in the UK and we deliver nationwide, we can offer you some of the cheapest and most hi-tech electric blinds in Britain..

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

Tel: 0800 1412830