Motorized Blinds price

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We like to think we can offer the best motorized blinds price in the UK for one of two reasons, firstly we purchase our electric blinds motors directly from the top manufacturers and secondly we keep our overheads to an absolute minimum. No matter if you need a price for motorized blinds in your conservatory or indeed a quote for an electric remote control system in a large establishment such as a hotel, we will be more than happy to supply you with a quote.

Obtaining a quote for a motorized system is really easy.

Firsty call our Free phone number 0800 1412830 and talk to one of our installation experts, once we have established your exact needs we will either arrange for a survey in order to give you a price “or” as in most cases offer you an “over the phone” quote.

Many UK motorized blinds companies will try and “rush” you into purchasing your blinds when the salesman visits your home or premises, “never” ever be fooled by the salesperson… their number one aim is to get your signature “on the day”… the reason is they are scared you will get a quote for your motorized system and they will lose the sale.

We are so confident that in the majority of cases we can offer you the best deal, we encourage our potential customers to shop around. One thing though the best motorized price does not always mean the best deal… ask the salesman which make of motors he can offer.. 9 times out of ten the remote blinds sales person will not have a clue.

Decide who the real motorized blind experts are for yourself, hopefully they not be hard to find.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

Tel: 0800 1412830