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If you are looking for a reliable and cost effective UK motorized blinds company in then it is essential that you gain quotes from a number of firms, electric blinds are not only a serious business to supply and fit they are a serious investment that should be secured with care. Many electric blinds sales people do not even know which motors are supplied with the blinds they are selling, never be scared to question the salesperson as this will show you if you are dealing with an expert or a cowboy.

Also be “very” wary of a motorized blinds company that tries to get you to sign on the day, this is the method that the sales people have drilled into them when they are taught their business. The majority of motorized blinds company employees work for comissions so getting your signature is upmost in their minds.

We try and encourage our customers to obtain quotes from a number of electric blind suppliers, why on earth do we do this? simply because we truly believe we can offer some of the best prices and highest value packages in the UK. Signing on the day the salesman visits you should be a real no-no, just think by waiting for a visit by a motorized blind company such as ourselves you could save hundreds of pounds. Some companies may say their prices are only available on the day however it would be rare if they refused that price should you come back to them in the future.
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