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Here, at, we offer some of the most innovative shading solutions, our line of motorised blinds setting the trend on the market. Our blinds incorporate ingenious designs and technology, being easily controlled with the help of a remote control or a discreet, fully integrated automation system. You can enhance your home with motorised roller blinds, motorised Venetian blinds, motorised vertical blinds or motorised roman blinds.

Our motorised roller blinds are made to measure, through a manufacturing system that ensures excellent accuracy. We use modern technologies to cut, seal and align the fabric, so that we deliver exquisitely engineered blinds, which are close to perfection. We use oversized blinds to ease the electrical operations, so you should expect our electric roller blinds to be larger than usual. The fabrics we choose for our motorised blinds are usually manufactured using a mix of glass fibre, which ensures resistance to stretches and sagging. The material is commonly referred to as “screen fabric” and has excellent properties, including UV protection, fire retardation and glare elimination. The extra wide fabric reduces joins and displays a sharp style.

electric motorised blinds

Motorised Venetian blinds are designed by placing horizontal slats one on top of the other. The great thing about these blinds is that they allow you to rotate the slats as much as you like, gradually adjusting the amount of light that enters the room. We provide our blinds with low voltage programming systems, which allow you to raise, lower and tilt your blinds with just one hand gesture. The motor is incorporated into the head rail, where it is kept protected and out of sight; the transformer is also kept out of view, being connected to the motor with the help of a slender wire. You can opt for wooden slender blinds, which add a plus of refinement to a room. For people who prefer to tilt and turn the slats, rather than raise them or lower them, we can provide our motorised blinds with wireless control, which will add a plus of simplicity and style. Our blinds have various widths and drops, so you should find a perfect match for any room.

Our fitted vertical blinds are lightweight and durable, providing spectacular elongation to the walls. They are hanged from a classy, narrow track, which excellently complements the ceiling – including suspended ceilings that are the ultimate trend in commercial projects. These motorised blinds also use a low voltage motor that has no difficulty to open and close the blinds along the tracks, and turn and tilt the vanes to let sun rays in, regardless of the width of the blind.

Motorised roman blinds are perfect for people who want to preserve and update the classic, sophisticated drapery effect of conventional curtains. They are excellent choices for rooms that need warmth and sensitivity, so we would mostly recommend you to use them for your bedroom and living room. We provide roman blinds in a wide palette of shades, from the most neutral, to the most vivid.

The kind of motorised blinds that you choose is completely up to you. You should take into account the style tips above and see what kind of rooms, ceilings and walls your window blinds must fit. Because all of our blinds have increased functionality, you can leave this aspect aside and exclusively focus on style and design. After you figure out the style that represents you and matches the architecture of your room, we will come to measure your windows, so that your blinds will fit perfectly when we deliver them.

We will also have your blinds installed and test them to see how they work. You will find out that motorised blinds are easy to use and you will have a lot of fun when we will show you how to do it. Here, at, we offer full services, dealing with the measurements and fittings for you, so you can exclusively focus on conceiving a new design for your home.

If you buy from us, we guarantee that you will not exceed your redecorating budget, as we offer the most competitive prices for top quality motorised blinds, for which we source components directly from the manufacturer, eliminating additional charges. You can ask us for our quotes and convince yourself that you are about to close an extraordinary deal. Furthermore, we offer generous guarantees for our range of products, so that you know for sure that you are making a smart investment.

We offer what is best in terms of design, practicality, ease of use, colour pallet, installation services and prices. Our blinds need little maintenance and offer you freedom of movement and complete light control. All mechanical components are kept out of view, so there is no need to find complicated cover-ups.

We have eliminated any kind of discomfort or worry about functionality and maintenance. Our motorised blinds are easy to control, and they are durable and safe. Since you do not have to touch them all the time, they will need little wiping. Choose our electric blinds because we use the best materials, combined in interesting patterns that truly embellish the room. The materials fall look natural and soft, so they will get rid of the crowded, choking sensation that heavy curtains create. Our blinds display a simple yet elegant look that speaks quality and excellent taste.

Our motorised blinds do an excellent job at preventing excess sunlight from heating and overwhelming the room. When you adjust them at certain angles, you can create beautiful, subtle shades over the carpet. If outside is cold enough, you can keep the windows open and let the fresh air enter the room. Our blinds are resistant and will not be damaged by the wind.

If you rely on our taste in style and on our science in manufacturing blinds, you will upgrade your home to a whole new level, just by changing your window blinds. Motorised blinds are the latest additions to the finest residential and commercial buildings, because they provide superior performance reflected in the uniform movement, the textured materials and the intelligent mechanism.

Motorised or Electric blinds are our speciality, we can provide remote or wall mounted systems for a wide range of locations and purposes. Sadly for most people searching for motorised blinds for conservatories or motorized pleated roof blinds for hotel lobbies, finding the most reliable advice can often be pretty hard. We will do our utmost to give to you the best prices possible but amazingly, we will further suggest you also request another estimate via another reputable electric blinds supplier. If you are a customer who contacts us needing advice on something such as motorised blinds for homes or custom made electric blind systems it is our firms policy to highlight the truly low prices we can offer
Motorized blind topics we can offer prices for…
– Low cost electric window blinds for new build construction projects
– Automatic motorized blinds for security purposes
– Remote roller roof blinds for hard to reach installations
– Made to measure electronic vertical blinds for dining rooms
– Electric powered side blinds for indoor swimming pools
– Custom made electronic roller shades for the office
– Motorised blinds for schools
– Discount electric pinoloeum blinds for large sized windows
– Custom made 240 volt electronic conservatory blinds
– Products for offices
– Remote roller blinds for pubs
– Remote controlled roller blinds for senior citizen homes
– Low cost Electric controlled roman blinds in a huge range of colours
– Electronic pinoloeum blinds for conservatories and orangeries

Below are just a few examples of the motorised blind fabrics we have to choose from…

Pleated fabics: savana, novoshade, feathers, legato perlex, trevira cs, energy saver.

Pinoleum blinds: tobago birch, haiti ivory, antigua pine, orleans natural, lille, marquises n.

Example sizes from our quick calculator to show you how very straightforward it is to use…

Height: 2100mm [ 210 centimeters ] 82.7 inches
Width : 1800mm [ 180 centimeters ] 70.9 inches
Height: 3900mm [ 390 centimeters ] 153.5 inches
Width : 1600mm [ 160 centimeters ] 63 inches

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