Made to order Motorized Blinds

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If you are like most folk hunting for low cost made to order motorized blinds or uk motorized roof blinds, getting the most trustworthy information will often be fairly hard. Our company will try our best to offer you the most competitive price quotes that there are but amazingly, our company will suggest you obtain an additional estimate from another company. For anyone that consults with us needing a quote on a product such as made to order motorized blinds or made to measure remote control blinds it is our policy to highlight the excellent prices we can offer you
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Motorized blind areas we are expert in…
– Uk motorized roof blinds
– Made to measure electric blinds
– Custom made blinds for bespoke conservatories
– Motorized blind systems for luxury homes
– Custom made blinds for bespoke conservatories
– Made to measure motorized blinds for sports halls
– Made to order motorized blinds for hotels, homes and industry
– Electronically controlled blinds with wall mounted controll options
– Products for schools
– Electric blinds
– Remote motorized blinds for public buildings
– Commercial blind packages for banks
– Made to order remote control blinds
– Remote motorized blinds for the elderly

Below are just a few examples of the product fabrics we have to choose from…

Pleated fabics: nuance hd, beethoven, napoli, trends, satin, manhatton src.

Pinoleum fabrics: martinique natural, bahama teak, dijon cream, elysee walnut, haiti ivory, grenoble natural.

Example sizes via our quick calculator to show you how very easy it is to operate…

Height: 600mm [ 60 centimeters ] 23.6 inches
Width : 1000mm [ 100 centimeters ] 39.4 inches
Height: 1400mm [ 140 centimeters ] 55.1 inches
Width : 2300mm [ 230 centimeters ] 90.6 inches