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Luxury today is a thing that many more people are able to afford, in some instances though the practical aspect is also another thing to take into consideration. Regrettably for most people looking for cheaply priced made to measure electric blinds

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or low cost electric blinds, finding the most reliable advice can on occasions be a tiresome task. Our company will try to supply you with the most competitive package prices possible but amazingly, we will recommend you also source another blinds quote via another manufacturer. If you are a customer who talks to us and is looking for a product such as made to measure electric blinds or electric motorized blind systems it is our policy to make it clear to you the great prices we can provide

made to measure electric blinds

If you thought there is just nothing else you could add or remove so that you have the feeling of New and Different in your home, office or restaurant, well, we’ve got some good news for you and this good news is called made to measure electric blinds. With a single touch, everything around you gets a different aura of light and what you used to known as “your room” becomes a whole different universe.

When you first hear the phrase “made to measure electric blinds” you definitely think at once about blinds that fit a wide range of window sizes, only our electric blinds are “made to measure” at a more complex and higher level. We have tailored our offer for any taste, any environment and any pocket, because we do know that you, our customers, have different lifestyles, different cultures, different expectations and needs, so we are here to adapt to them and fulfill your wishes.

Made to Measure Your Taste

We all know that every house or space becomes different and is charged with a special type of energy coming from the person who occupies it. So, every space reflects a different personality. Whether you are a more traditional person, rather than a modern one, a practical individual rather than a design lover, with a glamorous rather than simple lifestyle, we can offer you made to measure electric blinds to fit any taste you might have. Basically, we have three types: fitted venetian blinds, fitted roller blinds and fitted pleated blinds. The details are the ones that really make the difference here so let’s take a closer look.

Our made to measure electric blinds, namely the venetians, are mostly made of wood and metal. Wood venetians come in different grain textures and if you are an artistic person, we have something special for you, like painted or stained venetian blinds. Metal venetians can have various effects, such as metallic, perforated or even wood and you can choose among a wide range of patterns, made to fit any interior design and any lifestyle. Also available in different patterns and textures, the fabric used for roller blinds is gradual, going from transparent to translucent and then to dim out and finally blackout. The latter ones, though, will require extra frames for the sills and sides.

The pleated blinds are discrete and can be made of two types of fabric, namely single pleat and cellular. The cellular are mostly fit for you if you are a more design oriented person rather than practical, because there are no visible holes or cords compared to the case of the single pleated blinds.

Made to Measure Your Environment

It would take too long to enumerate the space types that our offer of made to measure electric blinds targets, because they are simply too many, but let’s take for example a school, a restaurant and a house.

In a school, what matters most is practicality and safety. Venetian blinds for example are more delicate than the other types, so it would not be such a good idea to use them in an environment with children. If you do choose this type though, out of aesthetic or even practical considerations, make sure you choose the wood version, as they are more resilient.

Fitted roller blinds are nevertheless a common choice for schools. Among the three types of operations used for this type of made to measure electric blinds, the crank operated ones will mostly be used in environments with children because they are more robust, and are much safer. Of course, you can also choose something to fit your classroom from our offer of pleated blinds, which are also safe and practical.

In a restaurant, light is very important. Playing with it changes everything around you in the blink of an eye. While being important for the way your food looks in your plate, the intensity of light becomes crucial when having romantic celebrations during the day or when you have private events. Remote control operated or wireless controlled blinds are the best choice here, because, usually, restaurants have large windows. But you can also choose the venetian blinds for different spaces in your restaurant, especially the painted venetians, which will definitely increase the warmth and add that extra coziness.

For a house, it really depends on the interior design and architecture. If your home is modern and minimalist, then you should go for simple, neutral, maybe with metallic effect electric blinds. If you are more traditional and closer to natural environments, you should choose the venetians made of wood. Whatever the type, whatever the size, whatever the location, our made to measure electric blinds can fit any house, wherever you are in the UK!

Made to Measure Your Pocket

Life styles and expectations vary from one pocket to another. And because we are aware of that, our offer can fit any budget limitations. The price changes usually according to the fabric used or type of operation. In case of the pleated blinds for example, the single pleat will always come cheaper than the cellular ones, so, if you are a more practical person, single fitted pleated blinds will be a wise choice.

The blinds which do not require a remote control operation system are also more accessible. So it really only depends on how much you are willing to spend. Make your budget and we will find the made to measure electric blinds solution for you. We can come wherever you are in UK and we measure for free!

Because you, our customers, are most important for us, it is only natural that, when we create our made to measure electric blinds, we think of what you need and not of what we can sell. This is why we know how to listen to you, we are patient and we make sure what you choose is exactly what you need. This is why we will constantly adapt our offer to new needs and new expectations. And this is why we are really worthy of the name of best made to measure electric blinds suppliers!

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