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Technology has changed the way we interact and live with each other, making most aspect of our lives motorized. Houses are constantly changing, and today we have motorized blinds, which adorn luxurious apartments. Motorized window blinds have evolved over the years, and today they are designed with discrete integrated motors with lots of customizable options you can select from. Are you an architect? Are you an interior designer in search for the best luxury designer motorized blinds? Whichever way, if you are looking for quality designer blinds, then you are at the right spot because quality is our watchword, and we provide luxurious motorized blinds for a classy window covering. We cover the following:

Motorized Roller Blinds

If you are in search of beautiful window coverings, then you are at the right place. We have assorted selection of patterns and fabrics for our motorized roller blinds. If you are looking for a complete blackout fabrics to block out light or you simply want to filter light entering a room, we have translucent roller blinds for each room.

Our motorized roller blinds are configurable, either by the use of 240v mains power or battery power. These motorized roller blinds are powered by an incorporated tubular motor, which is blended nicely with the aluminium roller blind tube core.

Now with the aid of motor controllers or appropriate relays, 240v mains power motors makes it possible for widely used home automation systems such as Rako, Crestron, LightwaveRF, Lutron, and Control4 amongst others, to be integrated.

Motorized Wood Blinds

The beautiful motorized wooden blinds that are crafted by hand come in two classic collections, the Knightsbridge and the Richmond. If you are looking for motorized wood blinds to complement your home, be it a more traditional setting or a modern design, then our motorized wood blinds that come in a variety of satinwood and wood painted finishes are readily available.

Sure, these wood blinds are motorized, but you will hardly see the motors because they are hidden within the track of the wooden blind, thus not very visible, and keeping the beauty intact.

Easy home integration was considered as these motorized wooden blinds were developed, and with the help of suitable motor controllers or suitable relays they are easily integrated into the popular home integration systems such as Crestron, Rako, Lutron, LightwaveRF, and Control4, just to mention a few.

Other luxury designer motorized blinds you will love
Additionally, you will get other luxury designer motorized blinds from us including luxurious motorized Roman blinds, motorized venetian blinds, and motorized vertical blinds, to mention a few. These luxurious motorized blinds reflect class and wealth, and they are all easily integrated into well-known home integration systems like Crestron, Rako, and Lutron, amongst others.

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Look no further if you are in search of high-end electric blinds systems for a luxurious lifestyle, as we supply and fit blinds throughout the UK. There are lots of samples to select from, and we are up to date with the latest design in the market. Contact us today for a quote from your technical drawings. Also, if you want us to visit your premises for a free measurement and quote, then contact us now!

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