Electronic Blinds

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Electronic Blinds are an amazing addition to any application that will benefit from their use, we can supply remote control electronic blinds for just about any application you care to think of. From luxury hotels millioniare mansions our blinds are simply the best that money can buy.

This may surprise you!

One thing that baffles many people who come to us for Electronic blinds is that we encourage them to get at least one more quote from another blinds supplier, for example if you came to us for motorized blinds for your conservatory we would be so confident we could offer you the most competitive price we would not pressure you for your signature. Because many of the electric blind packages we produce can be assembled in house we can offer so amazing prices, quite simply we do not need to resort to the “dark” tactics of the high pressure sales teams.
Electronic blinds are easy to price, in most cases this can be done via email or even over the phone. All we need to price and motorized blinds system is the measuremets and number of areas that require light control. Once the rough price is established we would then arrange for you to get access to one of our fabric swatches, we can provide electric blinds which are made of many different material and have hundreds of colours and shades to choose from.

Our Electronic Blund systems can have wall mounted controls or be operated by one of the latest hand held remote controller units, to see these systems work is truly amazing. At the flick of a switch our blinds will spring into action and within seconds your conservatory, home or bussiness premises will be either protected from or opened up to the outside sunlight.

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