Electrically Controlled Blinds

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If you are looking for the best yet “honest” price then we can help, we source our package components direct from the top manufacturers. For any home owner looking for cheap electrically controlled blinds or uk motorized roof blinds, sourcing easy to understand information can on occasions be a fairly tiresome task. We will do our utmost to offer you the lowest package prices in the UK but also, our company will recommend you request an additional blinds quote via an additional source. For anyone who talks to us and is needing advice on something such as electrically controlled blinds or motorized pinoleum roof blinds it is our companys policy to help you see the value for money prices we can give you

Electronically controlled blind areas we specialise in…
– Electronically controlled blinds
– Motorized conservatory roof blinds
– Cordless control blinds
– Custom made electric blind systems
– Automatic motorized blinds
– Discount blind systems
– Electrically controlled blinds for offices
– Custom motorized blinds
– Motorized roman blinds
– Made to order remote control blinds
– Motorized pinoleum roof blinds
– Made to measure electric blinds
– Discount blind systems
– Remote motorized blinds

Pleated fabics: rainbow perlex, florentia perlex, vivaldi, kolari, textura silk, solo.

Pinoleum fabrics: marquises 10, dijon antique white, martinique natural, montserrat pine, elysee walnut, haiti ivory.

Example measurements from our price calculator to show you how very easy it is to operate…

Height: 3600mm [ 360 centimeters ] 141.7 inches
Width : 3900mm [ 390 centimeters ] 153.5 inches
Height: 3800mm [ 380 centimeters ] 149.6 inches
Width : 2800mm [ 280 centimeters ] 110.2 inches

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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Email: enquiry@motorizedblinds.co.uk