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Electric window blinds are the ultimate in interior design when it comes to finishing your home or conservatory, stylish and practical yet classy and chic. The main thing you must remember when searching for the product that is most suitable is “not” to focus on style, manufacturer or fabric, the most important factor is “the number of quotes” you get. Many people who buy electric window blinds are taken in by the pushy sales person, they are mesmerized by the sales pitch and before they know it the blinds salesman has gone and they are left with an invoice for blinds that could have cost them much less.

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The key to getting the best product and the best price is actually very simple, firstly you must ensure that you question the sales person. If a motorized window blind sales person cannot answer most of your questions then “you” should question yourself as to “are they reliable?” are they the best company for the job?… secondly the majority of window blind sales staff are paid a commission and are trained to “get your signature” on the first appointment… you “must” make sure you shop around.

If you ever meet one of our blind fitters or sales staff you will notice that they are not worried about the opposition, you see we source our motors directly from the manufacturers and are able to build motorised electric window blinds for a truly competitive price.

So when looking for electric window blinds in the UK shop around, ask questions and hopefully the choice will be obvious and the savings will be great..

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