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There is nothing more impressive than watching a set of electric controlled window blinds in action, this can actually be quite mesmerizing and a sheer joy to watch. We can survey and fit remotely controlled window blinds for some of the best prices in the UK, because we also source directly from the manufacturers we are also able to pass on some truly impressive discounts. For most people searching for reasonably priced electric controlled window blinds or electrically controlled motorized blinds, getting hold of easy to understand advice can sometimes be pretty hard. Our company will do the best we can to offer you the best prices available however, we will further suggest in addition you also find another estimate from a competitor of ours. For anyone that talks to us and is looking for a quote on something such as electric controlled window blinds or motorized blind systems it is our policy to highlight the truly great deals we can provide

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Electric blind topics we are expert in…
– Custom made electronic roller shades for school classrooms
– Schon systems
– Motorized blinds for boats
– Electric controlled roller blinds for indoor sports areas
– Electric venetian blinds for luxury dining areas
– electric controlled window blinds for mobile homes
– Remote controlled roller blinds for indoor swimming areas
– Low cost electric shades for internal office compartments
– Low cost electric conservatory blinds for banks
– Electrically controlled roller blinds for meeting rooms
– Remote vertical blinds for shops
– Electric motorized blind systems for “new build” luxury appartment complexes

Below are some examples of the fabrics we can offer…

Pleated fabics: inspirations, torelli dimout perlex, textura silk, marcello perlex, empire src, plain perlex fr.

Pinoleum fabrics: haiti bone, bahama teak, haiti white, haiti, montserrat pine, tobago birch.

Example sizes via our price calculator to show you how very simple it is to operate…

Height: 3600mm [ 360 centimeters ] 141.7 inches
Width : 3900mm [ 390 centimeters ] 153.5 inches
Height: 1300mm [ 130 centimeters ] 51.2 inches
Width : 3400mm [ 340 centimeters ] 133.9 inches

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

Tel: 0800 1412830
Email: enquiry@motorizedblinds.co.uk