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If you plan to build a conservatory in the UK, or you already have one, some remote control conservatory blinds will add a distinctive note of elegance to it, beside the practical function of reducing the sunlight and sun glare.

Why Invest in UK Remote Control Conservatory Blinds?

Well, let’s imagine this: you enjoy a quiet afternoon, comfortably sitting in a rocking chair, in your conservatory, when, suddenly, the sun rays shine straight in your eyes. If the blinds come with manual adjustment, you have to get on your feet, perhaps drop the book you were reading or the drink you were sipping and adjust them. But if they come with remote control options, all you have to do is to push the button of the remote and get back to whatever it is you were doing.

remote controlled conservatory blinds 800

You may think that remote control conservatory blinds are a luxury, because of their higher price, compared to the manual adjustment blinds. They might be a bit more expensive, but the benefits they bring are worth every cent. Besides, lately, the price inconvenient was eliminated, due to the growing interest towards the product in cause and to the tight competition among manufacturers and suppliers.

UK Remote Control Conservatory Blinds from Motorized Blinds

Nowadays, these blinds are produced by numerous companies. Among them, Motorized Blinds has a well established reputation. Our products are the best not only when it comes to quality, but also from the point of view of the costs.

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We offer a wide range of remote control blinds, from the ones with budget prices, designed to serve functional purposes, to the more expensive, exquisite looking models.

We can afford to do it because all the materials we use come directly from the deposits of the manufacturers. This way, a lot of expenses are eliminated, and they are reflected in the final price of the product.

Besides, we provide free measuring services. It doesn’t matter in which part of the UK you live, our employees will find you.

Remote control conservatory blinds come in a great diversity of models, made following various designs, at various sizes and from various fabrics. Visiting our website, motorizedblinds.co.uk, you will certainly find the best offer for you. Besides, we also provide a useful tool for price calculations and we offer free quotes for all our clients.

Characteristics of Remote Control Conservatory Blinds

– Made of various materials – only high quality fabrics are used. They have different properties, such as filtrating sunrays and preventing the damaging effects of the UV rays on human skin and on eventual electronic devices that may be present in conservatories (TV sets, for instance)

– Available in different sizes – They are obviously larger than regular blinds, fit for the wide glass walls of the conservatory. However, customers have two choices – to buy them custom made or made to measure, depending on their taste and on the dimensions of the space they wish to cover.

– Easy to adjust – All you have to do in order to insure the best balance between shade and light is to push a button. This way, even elderly people, who are no longer able to carry on much physical effort, can enjoy the perfect combination between shadow and sun.

– Automatic operation – There are different versions of remote control conservatory blinds, from the great 240 Volt battery operated ones to the smaller 24 Volt models. There are also electrically operated conservatory blinds, but they are less popular due to the heavy wiring.

– Temperature control – Besides the property of reducing the potentially harmful effect of the sunrays, conservatory blinds also have the function to isolate thermally the room where they are placed. Thus, the quantity of fuel used to heat the conservatory during the winter is considerably smaller, while the warmth of the summer is kept away.

– Affordable – They are available for various prices, fit for every wallet. Of course, before ordering, all customers have access to an estimate and the possibility to try different models and compare prices in order to choose the remote control conservatory blinds they need.

– Stylish – Although the main purpose of the blinds is rather practical, the aesthetic aspect is never neglected. Their elegant shapes and high quality fabrics add a drop of charm and mystery to every conservatory.

Due to all these attractive features and benefits, the remote control conservatory blinds are a real treasure on the blinds market. People are every day more interested in buying them, and the companies selling them have the chance to increase their profits substantially.

Of course, not all firms use professional techniques and quite a few try to trick people into purchasing poor quality products at exorbitant prices. In order to avoid such cases, the following tips may come in handy:

– Ask for quotations – If they are not provided by the sales representative, it is clear that he\she has something to hide and will try to force you force you into signing the contract quickly, without giving you a chance to compare.

– Alternatives presented – All the major manufacturers and suppliers have models fit for any pocket. If the one you deal with claims something else, you obviously have to keep looking.

– Buy what you need – Always keep in mind your own needs and financial possibilities. Never give in to temptation and purchase expensive blinds, which don’t fit the size of your conservatory windows and roof.

– Be always in control – Don’t let yourself influenced by the sweet talking capacity of the person in front of you. Always remember that it is your hard earned money at stake.

– Take your time – If the sales representative begins to push you, something is definitely wrong. Ask for some time to think before giving a final answer. Meanwhile, visit more online stores and compare as many offers as you can.

– Pay attention to details – Read the contract carefully before signing it. Avoid any misunderstandings that can lead to future unpleasant consequences.

At Motorized Blinds, we let our customers take their time and make their choices. Give us a call and find out everything you want to know about our latest UK remote control conservatory blinds models.

Our Company Supplies and Fits remote control blind systems Nationwide, recently we have fit powered blinds in Bedford, Harrow, Windsor, Worcester and Loughborough.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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