Motorized Conservatory Blinds

electric blind slide

Motorized Conservatory Blinds can be  an expensive purchase “if” you are not wise, when buying any electric shade system for your conservatory it is important you take your time and get a number of quotes. Contact one or two conservatory blinds companies in order to see what the average price should be, do not though always settle for the cheapest. Question the motorized blinds sales person and ask him questions like, do you use Somfy motors? have you provided blinds for conservatories before and what kind of guarantees do they offer.
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The most important fact to be aware of is the conservatory blinds salesperson will want your signature on the say, “NEVER” make a decision after consulting just one motorized conservatory blinds company. By waiting just a few days you could greatly reduce the price of your blinds. Electric blinds can come in many forms, side window, roller blinds, roller roof blinds, Pinoleum, in fact all forms of blinds can me make to run automatically. Also motorized conservatory blinds can easily be made to run via remote control, the price difference between hand held and remote control is actually very small.

Due to the fact that some conservatories can be quite large manually controlling the blinds can in some case be quite difficult, also the time it takes can also be a nuisance. Flicking the switch or button on your remote control unit is oh so simple and the time it takes for your conservatory blinds to change postion is actually very very short.

Remember the main rule for buying motorized conservatory blinds is, don’t be rushed into signing with the first sales person.