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Most of us are familiar with what blinds are, what they do and how to operate them.  Not everyone is as familiar with motorized conservatory blinds and the way they can actually save you money by reducing the amount of heat light and heat that is coming into the room.  We are going to enlighten you right now on the benefits and uses of this wonderful product.

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Overall they are a light and quite attractive.  They look good and do a quite excellent job of keeping the heat or cool level under control and thus save you money in the saving of energy.

These type of electric blinds can be customized to have a level of sun block applied; which can match your needs and be exactly what you are after.  This is applied to the outside and reflects the suns rays back outwards and thus keeping your inside temperature lower so that you are more comfortable without turning the air conditioner cooler in the summer or turning the heat higher in the winter.

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Keep in mind as well, that the way the room faces will have a direct impact on how well the electric blinds can do the job they are meant for.  What I mean by that is, the more direct afternoon sun that is beating directly on the window that the blind is shielding, the more heat that is inevitably going to seep through into the room.  That is simple physics and not something that the blinds can be held responsible for.  Though, even in the worse case scenario, there will be a huge reduction in the heat.  

So how much, as an average, can you expect the blinds to help?  Everything being normal, you can expect that there will be a reduction on between six and twelve degrees on the Celsius scale. You will achieve the minimum listed there with just the standard fabric cover blinds, when you have them made out of better materials with the solar shielding applied, you can expect to be somewhere near the top end of the scale in heat reduction.  That is quite a large amount.  And by adding air conditioning and venting in the room, you can expect that reduction in heat to go even farther.

Remote control Aluminum blinds, due to their nature and the special way they are mounted where they do not require mounting holes, will give the best overall thermal reduction since the heat cannot find it’s way into the room as easily as it can with fabric where the little holes for the cords are in the blind.  While it may only be a small amount of heat savings, it will definitely give you a good return on your investment over the long term.

The blinds all have the actual blinds and the channels they run on or a frame, they also have a method of opening and closing which can be anything from a simple cord to pull, to a crank, to a wand that slides them on to the top of the line, and somewhat expensive, motorized version where they open with the touch of a button.

Your needs and financial abilities will help you make the decision as to the one best for your needs.

If you are thinking of buying Motorized Blinds for Conservatory Heat reduction, ensure you obtain at least 2 quotes. This way you will be sure you are going to get the best deal, oh and do not be lured by an on the spot discount… that is the standard sale ploy to stop you looking at another companies products.

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