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When shopping for electric Conservatory roof blinds, you are instantly confronted with more choices than you ever knew existed.  There are several completely different styles to choose from, not to mention different materials and hundreds of colors. You may be asked questions you never considered before: Do want blinds that completely block the sunlight, or just dim or filter it?  Is energy efficiently a concern?  Do you want blinds that will reflect the sunlight and keep your conservatory cool?  Would you prefer pull cords, pole-operation, or motorized blinds?  Do you want a remote control with that?

To help you survive this barrage of questions and choices, we’ve prepared this short, simple guide for you.  It describes the four more common and popular styles of blinds, and explains their different uses, shapes, materials, and what décor they are best suited for.

Motorized Pinoleum Blinds for Conservatories

DESCRIPTION: French Pinoleum blinds are made from thin wooden slats stitched together.  They are perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing of roof blinds.  They can be operated by a pole, cord, or electric motor.

USES:  Electric Pinoleum blinds are semi-translucent and filter sunlight through the tiny gaps between slats, creating a cool and airy atmosphere.  They are not the best blinds for heat reduction.

SHAPES: Pinoleum blinds can be custom cut to fit most window panel shapes and sizes.

MATERIALS:  Pinoleum blinds are made from a few different materials.  The most common are made from this wooden slats stitch together.  Others use bamboo instead.  Finally, some are made from thin reeds stitched or woven together.  If heat is a problem, a solar reflective liner can be bought for them.

DÉCOR:  Pinoleum works well with Colonial style conservatories.  It is made from natural, stained, or varnished wood, and consequently works well with unpainted, natural wood décor.  They can be painted to match your décor, however
Motorized Roman Roof Blinds for Conservatories

DESCRIPTION: Remote control Roman roof blinds are made of cloth, and utilize horizontal support rods to keep them from sagging.  The stack much flatter than Pinoleum, making them better suited to seasonal storage.  They can be operated by a pole, cord, or electric motor.

USES: Made from cloth, Roman blinds are opaque, providing privacy, but still let some natural light glow through (this is some times called a “dim-out” blind, as opposed to a “blackout” blind).  Roman blinds work best in long recesses areas, and can also be used to span large atriums. 

SHAPES: Roman roof blinds can be tailored to fit most shapes.  They are particular good at fitting trapezium shapes.

MATERIALS:  Roman blinds are made from cloth, so jut about any color or pattern is available, especially if you have them custom built.  They can, if necessary, use cloth with solar reflective properties to reduce heat.

DÉCOR:  Roman blinds work well with UPVC or wooden conservatories.  Their ability to fit well into long recessed areas also makes them a good choice for conservatories with a contemporary abstract design.
Pleated Motorized Blinds for Conservatories

DESCRIPTION: Pleated blinds are perhaps the most common and popular.  They are made from pleated, or zig-zag-shaped, fabric. They are opaque, but let in a lot of light.  They can be operated by pole or electric motor, but not a cord.

USES:  The most popular use for pleated blinds to rebate them into window frames for a subtle appearance.  Electric Pleated blinds work best for door and windows that tilt or turn, and pleated blinds simply move with them.  Windowsills are left free for plants or other ornamentation.  Pleated blinds are also the best to use with shallow roof angles.  Like Roman blinds, pleated blinds also do well in long recessed areas.  They are not well suited to heat reduction.

SHAPES: Pleated blinds can be custom cut to fit most window panel shapes and sizes.

MATERIALS:  Pleated blinds are usually made of cloth, but occasionally also from paper.  If overheating is a problem, they can be made from an aluminum-backed fabric.

DÉCOR:  Pleated blinds work well with a UPVC or wooden Gregorian style.  Conservatories with decorative facia tend to use pleated binds, as they don’t obscure the facia.


Motorized Roller Blinds for Conservatories

DESCRIPTION: Roller blinds are coiled within a spring-loaded cassette and held in place by tension, preventing any sagging.  Roller blinds are opaque and best at keeping out light; provide either dim-out or blackout, depending on what material they are made from.  Roller blinds are inexpensive and easy to operate and store.  They can be operated with a cord or electric motor, but not a pole.

USES: Roller blinds can cover multiple windowpanes easily, both reducing the cost of providing blinds in your conservatory and eliminating light gaps.  They do not work well in recessed areas, and are not well-suited to drops over three meters.  Made from the right materials, roller blinds are also the best at heat reduction. 

SHAPES:  Although they can be cut to any shape, roller blinds work best in triangular-shaped windowpanes.  They have trouble with trapezium shapes, though.

MATERIALS:  Roller blinds can be made from cloth (and all the color and design options that entails) or vinyl. 

DÉCOR:  Roller blinds work particularly well with UPVC-constructed conservatories in the Victorian and Edwardian styles.
Motors for all the above types of electric blinds would be the same..
When buying conservatory blinds Don’t forget, get at least 2 quotes from different companies… yes that’s even the case if you come to us for motorized conservatory blinds.

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