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At first glance, this may seem obvious—you go to a store and order some, right?  Well, yes, you can do that—but you won’t get the best product for the best price that way.  Here are some tips on how to get the best value for your money.

Comparison Shopping

If, for example, you get four quotes from four different salesmen, you could end up saving an average of £200.  If you get just one quote, but they get tempted into an immediate purchase by a salesman offering you a discount, you might only end up saving £50.  

It takes more time and patience, a bit of research, and running a gauntlet of salesmen, but through comparison shopping, you will find the one store that offers the best price. 

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First, don’t wander from store to store until you find a good price.  If you do that, you will probably be roped in by the first salesman who offers you a good deal.  Instead, make a list of at least three stores and make yourself get a quote from each before deciding where to buy your blinds.  The salesman at the first store may offer you a good discount, true… but the salesman at the third store may offer you an even better one!

Second, don’t automatically go for the lowest price.  Take quality, warranties, installation costs, and other “intangible benefits” into account when making your decision.  The second-lowest quote may not be the cheapest, but if they offer free installation and a two-year warranty along with your purchase, it may still be the best deal.

The Salesman

Remember what you’re going up against—salesmen are experts at getting customers to sign on the dotted line right there and then.  Although they can be great help in selecting your new drapes, it takes some knowledge and willpower to keep from being pressured into an immediate sale.

First, do a little bit of research on motorized window blinds you go shopping.  Even looking up a few web pages online will help you know what to look for while shopping, what questions to ask the sales staff, and keep you from being bamboozled by a fast-talking salesmen.

Second, remember that YOU are in control.  The salesman wants your business and your money, and that puts you in a position of power.  Never forget that.  If you like to haggle, you could even put the salesmen on the defensive by mentioning the price you found at another store and asking if they can beat it.

Third, do not let yourself be pressured, rushed, or tempted into a purchase.  A classic sales tactic is to offer you a discount that’s only good for a limited time (like that day).  Don’t be tempted by this.  The salesmen still wants your money, and the deal will still be there a few days later when you come back.  If you make it clear from the beginning that you are just shopping for a quote, and will not make a purchase that day, you may preemptively shut done the worst of the salesmen’s coercions right there and then.

Fourth, just in case, always get the quote in writing.

Finally, remember the salesman IS an expert in their product (in this case remote control blinds).  Take advantage of their knowledge, asking them questions and pumping them for information.  If you suspect they were less than truthful on a particular issue, crosscheck their answers with other salesmen.

Use the sales force to help you get the best combination of shade, privacy, heat reduction, décor, motor quality, price, and other benefits.  Make them work and compete with each other to get their commission.

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