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The prices of Electric Conservatory Blinds

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are now lower than ever, this is because blind companies now have to be more competitive than ever. Many companies that used to charge a fortune for motorised blinds simply “no longer exist. Because we “do not” use franchise salesman and source our components directly from the manufacturer we are in an excellent position. The prices we charge for our electric conservatory blinds are truly hard to beat, we are so sure of our price competitiveness that we encourage you to obtain quotes from our rivals.

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Our homes have become increasingly automated. With the touch of a button, we can control the heating and cooling in our homes. Washing, cleaning and even cooking has become automated. However, in this new age of automation if you are still getting up and literally pulling strings to close or open your blinds, then you haven’t really discovered the pleasures of complete automation!

Remote Control Conservatory Blinds – Automated Conservatory Blinds

Electric conservatory blinds are the perfect solution to all your problems of conventional blinds. Conventional blinds can cause a lot of problems. Pull the string a bit harder than normal and you may break something. Small children may pull the string or even play with them and cause accidents. Every time you want to adjust the blinds, you need to get up from your work to do it. Traditional blinds don’t change on their own, so when you go out either you need to have some one change them at regular periods to give an impression that some one is home or risk the security of your house…since unchanging blinds are a dead giveaway that people are out.

Electric Conservatory Blinds – The Advantages

All these reasons make electric conservatory blinds stand tall over traditional blinds. Here are some of the many advantages of electric conservatory blinds:

1. Auto detection of temperature change: Most of the times with traditional blinds, its not until you feel really cold or hot that you put the blinds down or pull them up. There are times when you are engrossed in something only to realize that the entire house is sweating with the heat and you need to close the blinds. With electric conservatory blinds, you don’t need to think about anything. All you need to do is set a temperature and the moment it gets hotter than that, your electric conservatory blinds will close on their own. Hence, that ensures that the temperature of your house is maintained.

2. Automation: We all love the cinema experience. Dark room and a movie with your beloved! However, if it a movie at home, traditional blinds require a lot of setting before you can sit down to watch a movie. On the other hand, electric conservatory blinds can be programmed in such a way that the moment your home theater is on, your blackout blinds are on. So you don’t need to even think, just watch!

3. Easy: Pressing buttons is definitely easier than pulling strings! The best part about these electric conservatory blinds is that you can make zones of operation. One zone can be controlled with one button. This means that you don’t have to go to each part of the house!

4. Programmable: You can set the timer on your electric conservatory blinds according to your schedule. The moment its time, the blinds will open or close on their own.

5. Remote control: You can control your electric conservatory blinds with a single remote control. So that means you don’t even have to go to the button! Keep the remote handy and operate from any corner of your house.

Electric Conservatory blinds do not just add convenience to your life but also security and style!

Electric conservatory blinds are the wisest choice if you want to make the most of your conservatory. Installing blinds will help you maintain the optimum temperature inside the conservatory, no matter if it is summer or winter, if it rains, snows, or the sun is blinding. If you are the lucky owner of a conservatory, you can enjoy the peace and relaxation it brings. The conservatory is the place where you can get away from all your worries and problems, and read a book or just spend some quality time with your family. To make sure this getaway is comfortable no matter the season, you can install electric conservatory blinds, and the atmosphere there will be warm and welcoming.

Types of electric conservatory blinds

There are many popular choices of conservatory blinds you can choose from. Depending on your preferences and your budget, you can go for fitted roller blinds, pleated blinds, roman or venetian blinds. The designs are extremely varied: elegant or modern, colourful or sober, transparent or blackout. Every type of blind comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

However, an important aspect that could help you decide on one model or the other is the purpose for which you use your conservatory. Is your conservatory used as a living and dining room? Is it more of a garden lounge? Is it an entertainment room, where you have your TV, or, on the contrary, you use it as a work room? Is it just a place to relax? Is it a room where you like to invite guests? Think about these aspects before choosing the type of electric conservatory blinds to purchase. If you use your conservatory as a dining or living room, you can opt for a delicate and soft model of blinds. If it is a garden lounge, metal, easy to maintain blinds are more appropriate.

The benefits of electric conservatory blinds

You can opt to cover only the windows with blinds, only the roof, or both. Of course, the more space you cover, the more money you have to invest in the blinds. However, if you choose to cover all the windows and the roof with blinds, you will benefit from increased heat control and a constant level of temperature, and you will also be able to protect everything you have in your conservatory from UV rays. Installing roof blinds will prevent overheating, and the decolouration of the fabrics and furniture in your conservatory.

Electric conservatory blinds can also be an element of design that can enhance the beauty and style of your conservatory, especially if you use it as a dining or living room. Your guests will be impressed by the modern aspect of your conservatory. So, besides their utility, you should also think about aesthetics, and how to balance these two aspects.

As we have mentioned, blinds do a good job maintaining a pleasant temperature on sunny days, and preventing too much sunlight from entering your conservatory. However, we should also talk about cold, winter days. The British climate is a little harsh, especially in autumns and winters, so you might find your conservatory to be less welcoming in those periods of the year. In some winters, it might be difficult to bear the low temperatures in the conservatory. This problem can be eliminated by installing electric conservatory blinds. The blinds have reflective properties that allow the maintenance of a warm inside temperature. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of your conservatory even in winter times. It would certainly be a waste to have to wait for spring to come before spending relaxing hours in your conservatory.

A direct consequence of the increased temperature control electric conservatory blinds offer is the reduction of energy costs. You will consume significantly less energy with your conservatory, and you will notice this on your electricity and gas bills.

Installing blinds can also bring increased privacy. When you lower the blinds, nobody will be able to see inside your conservatory, so you can enjoy complete privacy and comfort. Whenever you want to get away from the world, you can go to the conservatory and spend a pleasant time without being disturbed by anybody.

The remote controlled blinds offer considerable advantages. The conservatory window surface that is covered with blinds is pretty generous, so lowering or raising the blinds manually can be quite a hassle. If you install remote controlled blinds, you will be able to raise all the blinds at the same time, so you can gain precious time with the operation.

What to look for in electric conservatory blinds

First of all, you have to make sure the blinds you choose are strong and can withstand the weather and sun conditions in your area. Choose blinds that are protected against UV rays, and are long lasting. The blinds have to maintain their colour and attractive appearance despite the intensity of the sunlight that hits them.

The blinds have to be low-maintenance, and resistant to dust gatherings. Because conservatories are usually large and have a considerable height, dust can accumulate easily and float in the atmosphere. If you choose delicate materials, there is a high risk that in time, they will start to fade and lose their beautiful aspect. Looks matter, but you should pay more attention to the utility and practical aspects of the blinds.

Last, make sure the electric conservatory blinds you choose match the overall aspect of the conservatory and the interior design. If you have modern furniture inside, it is a better idea to go for a modern and minimalist model of blinds. After all, achieving a balanced and uniformed appearance is the purpose of every change in design. As long as the style of the blinds and the general appearance of the room are not contrasting, you can go for whichever model of blinds you like best.

If you do not know where to find quality blinds for your conservatory, check out our website: motorizedblinds.co.uk. We offer highly reliable electric conservatory blinds that will certainly withstand the test of time, and offer the best heat control for the relaxation area of your house.

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