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We offer manual and electric blinds for conservatories of all types, we supply and fit nationwide and sell both battery and mains operated blinds. Our conservatory blinds can be operated via wall switch or remote control and we make roller, venetian, pleated, roman, pinoleum and blackout versions.

Conservatories can exist in various locations. You could have one in your own home, dedicated to relaxation activities or for parties and special gatherings, or you can have it in your hotel, your gallery or your restaurant, not to mention that they are very common in shopping centers.


Architecturally speaking, the conservatories create amazing effects of greatness, because of the very high roofs and large window areas on both roof and sides. But what happens when you want to change the light, when direct sunlight seems to start having bad effects on your furniture? Or what happens when you feel the need for privacy and you do not want to have that feeling of “open air” and “visibility”?

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Well, you should call us and let us offer you the best electric blinds for conservatories. And when we say best, we don’t mean just the high-quality of design and fabric, we don’t mean just practicality and high functionality, we mean most of all the best fit.

Because our offer of electrically operated blinds can satisfy any shape of conservatory, whether it is Edwardian, P-shaped or Victorian, whether it is in a school, restaurant or a home, we have adapted it to all the details you can think of.

If the above mentioned architecture renders that feeling of greatness, things tend to be a bit more complicated when it comes to electric blinds for conservatories, because of the same reasons that make them look so impressive, that is high roofs and large window areas and many corners.

We offer a wide range of blinds, namely fitted venetian blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds, but, for conservatories, the roller and the pleated ones are the best solutions, ideally, pleated for the roof and roller for the sides.

The pleated electric blinds for conservatories are best because they can cover large areas of windows, they are delicate in design, they are safe and resilient, and they stay attached to the roof panels much more than the others.

The other types of blinds would render that effect of hanging down, which sometimes may not be what you want, but sometimes can be exactly what you want, if you’re thinking of creating a more oriental atmosphere.

Technical Information

Pleated electric blinds for conservatories come in 24 volts and are only available as free hanging format. They can be stopped automatically at the top or they can be stopped at the bottom but they are not limited to that. You can automatically adjust them and stop them at any position you want. Moreover, they can be operated not only individually, but also in groups so it really is no problems if you have many windows.

Because of the sizes of the windows in such cases, the roller electric blinds for conservatories come in 240 volts. We can offer 24 volts too, but these will be more appropriate for smaller spaces and window areas. The 240 volts will also be used for home automated systems, because they are generally hard wired. As we have already mentioned, we have electrically operated blinds available also at 24 volts, and if you choose them, you should know that they require special treatment, because there must be a radio interface.

The pleated electric blinds for conservatories come in two versions. The first version is the electric tilt with a cord lock raise manually operated and the second version is the electric tilt and raise. The former is the best choice if you want budget prices, because little power is needed for the tilting operation and the raise function is not so often used.

In the case of the latter, they come in 24 volts and 240 volts. The size of the surface and the automated systems used will be the factors that will make you choose one type over the other. 240 volts will be more appropriate for large areas whereas the 24 volts for smaller.

Voltage depends on the automated system, which can be Lutron or Creston or a stand-alone one. You can choose radio controlled blinds, but, nevertheless, the hard wired electric blinds for conservatories can still be a good choice, especially if your wallet has its limits.

Made to Measure Anything and Anyone

It is very possible that when you started your search for the best electric blinds for conservatories, you felt confused and disoriented by all the technical data. And the reason I am saying this is because mainly, finding the perfect blinds for the conservatory or for any type of space is a matter of interior design.

Interior design is about architecture and art and although it has its exact sides, it is more of a woman’s job to do that, rather than a man’s. And usually women are not good at technical details.

But do not worry if you do not understand the mechanism underneath, because our team of professionals is here to guide you, help you define exactly what you need, help you define the effect you want to obtain with this new addition to your conservatory and the rest is only our job. We can come to any location in the UK, and, to make you even happier, we have free of charge measuring services.

Finances will always be a problem, so, of course, we have thought about that too when making our offer. This is why you will most likely be the beneficiary of attractive discounts.

However, we cannot neglect the ones who can afford to make an investment in their homes or business because a luxurious life-style is what really defines them. We have it all for anyone and anywhere in the UK and you are one phone call away from your dream-like electric blinds for conservatories.

We supply and fit automated window blind Nationwide, for example we have recently fit powered blinds in Bedford, Watford, Reading, Oxford and Denham.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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