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If you are looking for new blinds that not only fit your home design, but also use modern technology and are entirely safe, then you will find a solution in our collection of conservatory electric blinds. These electrically powered shades are the perfect solution to the problems that conventional blinds cause. We are one of the top suppliers of electric blinds in UK, and our offer includes a large range of custom made blinds, for all the spaces that need shading. We offer the best prices, and the best remote control blinds. Furthermore, we give you the possibility to order online, or to give our team of specialists a call. Once you try our conservatory electric blinds, you will never want to go back to the traditional ones.

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In conservatories or orangeries, shading is a necessity. And what better way to ensure effective shading, than by using our conservatory electric blinds? We make sure that you receive the blinds that will provide a reliable and safe solution to all your shading problems.

Our electric blinds have numerous advantages over the traditional ones. While in the case of classical blinds, pulling the string could cause the deterioration of the raising/lowering system, and sometimes even accidents, our conservatory electric blinds are entirely safe. The fact that our blinds are operated with a remote control (they also have a switch, in case you have small children who could press the remote control by mistake) makes them not only modern, but also much more secure than the conventional ones. On top of that, you do not need to get up from your bed or chair to adjust them.

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The conservatory electric blinds that we provide are suitable for all types of conservatories and they are perfect for both the conservatory roof and the sides. You can choose either of the two power options: battery or mains powered. While the battery powered ones are excellent in older conservatories, the mains powered blinds fit in recently built ones.

There are many options in terms of fabrics and designs. We offer both luxurious textures and low cost fabrics. Obviously, we can offer you advice and consultancy in accordance to the amount of money you can afford to spend.

Another advantage conservatory electric blinds have over traditional ones is their capacity of detecting temperature change. Let us take the example of a day when the sun is repeatedly covered by clouds. Classical blinds do not close or open when the temperature in the room changes. Thus, it is up to you to raise or lower the blinds, which is very uncomfortable, especially when you are busy, or you want to rest. The conservatory electric blinds are perfect in such cases because you can set the temperature that you consider normal, and when it gets hotter than that, your blinds will automatically close. This way, your house will have a constant temperature, and you will not have to interrupt your work just to close or open the blinds.

Moreover, these blinds are made from a varied range of hi-tech fabrics that not only keep you cool in the summer by blocking the sun, but also conserve the heat inside. This way, you get to save energy and money.

Conservatory electric blinds are not only useful in maintaining a moderate temperature inside, but they are also great for protecting your privacy. When you arrive home and you do not want the people outside to know you are in, you can simply close the blinds, and your intimacy is guaranteed. In addition to the programmable temperature control, our conservatory electric blinds offer another useful feature. Whenever you want to watch a movie in a completely dark room, you have to put a lot of effort in adjusting the conventional blinds before you can actually enjoy the movie. You have to make sure the blinds are completely closed, and this usually takes precious time. However, with our electric blinds, this is no longer a problem. Our conservatory blinds have an automatic function that allows you to programme the blackout blinds to lower at the hour you choose. Therefore, your perfect home theatre experience will be ensured. Just as useful is the automated timer, a function that you can use in order to close and open your conservatory electric blinds according to your schedule.

Our remote controlled blinds come in different sizes. We can create blinds that are larger than normal, so they will fit the wide glass walls of your conservatory. You can either allow us to measure the space you need the blinds for or just do the measurements yourself, and order blinds for the area you have measured. However, we recommend you to use our measuring service, since we offer it for free. There are different versions of our conservatory blinds, from the bigger ones which function on 240 Volt batteries to the smaller 24 Volt models.

Besides the technical features, our conservatory blinds are also extremely stylish, so they can become an important element of design in your house. You can choose from several shapes and fabrics, and a variety of colours and textures. The right model of blinds will make your conservatory look just like the ones pictured in home and design magazines.

Since we get all our materials directly from manufacturers, you do not have to worry about intermediate costs or extra tariffs. The price of our conservatory electric blinds is hard to beat, but because we believe in correct competition, you should also check out other companies’ offers and compare them with ours. We often offer discount prices if you order several products from our company, so you will be able to save serious money. We take pride in letting our clients take their time to make the best choice. If you have questions, you are welcome to give us a call anytime or use our email contact address. We will answer any question you might have regarding our latest conservatory electric blinds in the shortest time possible.

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