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In a century of hi-tech science and speed, comfort has become a priority for most of us and, out of this need of comfort, technology gave birth to different items and devices meant to increase the feeling of wellbeing our home, an example being the wireless controlled blinds.
When creating this product category, we had in mind three things: your comfort, your wallet and your safety.

Your Comfort

When you hear the word wireless, you immediately think of something easy to use. In the case of wireless controlled electric blinds, all you must do is relax on your sofa and touch the button so that you can change your surroundings and atmosphere anyway you want to. The infra-red controlled technology is what makes that possible. You should not worry about the type of windows or the size, we offer you a wide range of wireless controlled blinds, which you can combine as you see fit and which we can help you choose so that they match all your needs.

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Although you may not realize it, comfort is also about design and good looks. If you like what you see around you and if the surroundings are created according to your personality, the feeling of comfort increases. Even if we do not talk about your home and we go further than that, to commercial spaces, schools, hotels, the aim will always be to combine a wisely chosen design with a high functionality, in order to create this feeling of comfort.

Whether we talk about fitted venetian blinds, fitted roller blinds or fitted pleated blinds, you have a large range of textures, colours, and patterns to choose from. Of course, every category of wireless controlled blinds is fit for a certain type of space. If the venetian blinds are more fit for a kitchen or bathroom or even living room and for more tradition inspired environments, the pleated blinds are more fit for conservatories or large windows because they can cover larger surfaces.

The great thing is that you do not have to limit to just one category, you can combine them and create wonderful effects, and we are here to offer you the best guidance and help you find exactly what you desire. In terms of patterns and textures, we can choose among our wide range of wooden venetians or metallic ones for a more modern effect, or you might go for the pleated ones, which are simpler in design but isn’t Simple always also Beautiful?

Furthermore on comfort, we can come anywhere you are in UK and measure your windows to make sure the new blinds fit them perfectly. Our team of professional sales and technical staff has just one mission: to help you find the right wireless controlled blinds! Just imagine your ideal surroundings, tell us what you think will improve the feeling of comfort, and we will tell you exactly what your wireless controlled blinds are!

Your Wallet

Every time you want to redecorate because you got bored of your furniture, wall colours, carpets, floors, windows, curtains and interior design, you will definitely spend money, there is no doubt about that. Comfort and redecoration never come cheap. But why spend tens of thousands of pounds on redecoration when our wireless controlled blinds can change so much? Imagine that, with the touch of a button, you can turn your conservatory in a peaceful, private and shaded corner of your house, where you just need to spend some quality relaxation time.

Imagine that your sunny living room can turn with the same touch of a button in the perfect romantic location for your day date. You don’t even have to worry if you have several, because the wireless controlled blinds can be opened and/or closed at the same time. To make it more comfortable, they are even programmable to open and close at specific moments during the day. And this does sound like a science-fiction effect, doesn’t it?

So, here is how you can change your surroundings spending much less than for a redecoration and getting the same effect of something completely new. Moreover, we can offer you budget prices and different discounts and we offer free measuring services, as we have already mentioned. So, our main focus is not to sell, but to make sure you are satisfied from all points of view!

Your Safety

The wireless technology comes also as a helping hand in safety issues. Cables and chords are not exactly safe in houses, especially if you have children around or even pets. This is why our wireless controlled blinds are the best from this point of view. And it’s what you should definitely choose if you are a parent or if the windows you wish to fit the blinds to are in a school.

And let us face it, accidents can happen to anyone and your own home can sometimes be a dangerous place. Well, our blinds can take that worry off your head and you can always count on their safety. Safety also lies in the fabric used for the wireless blinds. Some fabrics are more resilient than others and some are more robust and more appropriate to certain areas if safety is an important issue for you.

Do not forget one thing! We have a solution for any problem you might have. All you need to do is take a bit of time, explain your needs and desires and we will handle the rest. The most important thing for us is that, at the end of the day, thanks to us, you will be able to relish the comfort of your old, yet new location with a smile on your face and that will be our greatest satisfaction. Your satisfaction will be that you did it wisely and professionally with one the best and most dedicated suppliers of blinds you can find. So, let’s activate the chain reaction of satisfaction together! Contact us now to get your piece of comfort with our wireless controlled blinds!

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