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Vertical blinds with remote control are ideally suited to both the workplace or home, because they are an all-round blind they have become very popular. Vertical blinds have never been cheaper and we can supply them nationwide, we can fit them in any part of the UK and provide both hard wired and remote control versions.

We are one of UK’s main suppliers of the latest models of electric blinds. In the last years, we have paid great attention to creating a large variety of vertical blinds, mixing hi-tech components and fashionable designs, and using only top quality materials, sourced directly from the best manufacturers. Besides their excellent light and temperature control properties, our blinds also come at the smallest prices. Furthermore, our team of specialists is always at your service. As soon as you try our vertical blinds with remote control, you will understand why this model of blinds continues to live and why it is useful.

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Vertical blinds with remote control
Our vertical blinds with remote control are manufactured from metal, plastic and fabric, but it is the fabric that makes them special. You can choose from a wide variety of colours, patterns, as well as textures. This allows you to combine the efficiency of the vertical blinds with a modern and sophisticated interior design. In addition, thanks to these fabrics, the blinds filter the UV rays, so they protect you, your plants, and your furnishings from harmful sunlight. Vertical blinds can also rotate up to 180 degrees and they can either stack to the left or the right side, or split at the centre. Thus, they allow you to protect only specifically selected areas of your room.

Hi- Tech Vertical Blinds with Remote Control

The Vertical blinds with remote control that we have for sale are extremely practical, because they are powered by motors which function silently, allowing you to operate them smoothly. Since they are automated, the vertical blinds can be used to shade multiple large windows and windows placed in areas that are out of reach. This makes them extremely beneficial. By adding the remote control, these blinds are perfect even for elderly or disabled people, because they can control them from anywhere in the house. Even from the bed. A special function on the remote control can help you operate not just one set of blinds, but several, at the same time. Also, features such as the timer or light and temperature control help you make sure that your room stays cool during the summer and retains the heat during the winter, thus saving energy and money.

You can also use the vertical blinds with remote control in the living room or study room. Since you can use them to focus the light towards a chosen point of interest, they are excellent for those who need to read, write or work on the computer. You can also use them to attract attention over certain parts or objects in the room, as well as to protect furnishings from sun glare, without blocking natural light completely.

We can offer you a great variety of vertical blinds with remote control at a low cost for any kind of living space, for example one that has many rooms, floors or windows. You might even beneficiate from a discount, if you order a large number of blinds.

In addition to being great light filters, vertical blinds with remote control provide good protection against noise. Thanks to the fabrics that we use, the blinds have antiphonic properties. Moreover, they protect you from bugs during the spring and summer. Furthermore, they help you maintain the place cool during the summer, which is great, especially in working spaces such as offices or schools.

For the vertical blinds, we provide you with several power options. The most popular are, of course, the large blinds, because they use a 240 Volt power supply, thus they can be wired to home automation systems, and they cover large windows. The average size blinds use a 24 Volt power supply. Obviously, there are battery operated blinds, as well, but they are only appropriate for smaller windows.

Another great feature of vertical blinds with remote control is that they accumulate less dust than other models of blinds. It is also safer to use them, because their slats will not scratch the windows. They match the position of the furniture and doors, while also complementing any other type of blinds that you have in the house. Thus, they are perfect in a house where you want to keep a unitary appearance.

Our team of specialists will take the measurements for your future vertical blinds with remote control, in order to make sure that there will be no flaws. You can also discuss with them the payment plan, fabrics or design that you want, before you order. We are more than happy to offer you whatever you decide it is suitable for your home or office. We can also install the blinds on your windows, so you will not have to call for help or risk accidents. Our electric vertical blinds are simple, efficient, yet stylish, offering you great comfort every day. The louvers of vertical window blinds allow you to control the sunlight that enters the room. This way, you also gain the much desired privacy or the possibility to use the blackout function and enjoy your own home cinema.

We maintain our price at a low level, without neglecting quality, because we work only with the best manufacturers in the UK. We suggest you to ask for quotes from our rivals, as well, because it will only prove you how much better out offer is. Check out our website to find out more about how you can order online or by phone. Once you have chosen the best model of blinds for you, we will send our team to take the measurements for free, wherever in the UK you live. Our vertical blinds with remote control are the best choice, if you are looking for a modern, hi-tech product, easy to use and control, but also incredibly stylish.

We supply and fit remote control window blind Nationwide, recently we have fit remote control blinds in Halifax, Watford, Windsor, Mansfield and Wolverhampton.

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