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Venetian electric blinds are an eclectic representation of the way the old and the new can be mixed together into one product. They are the oldest blind model on the market, yet they have been updated with the latest technology in order to match even the most pretentious tastes. The fact that they are so flexible makes them perfect for any kind of spaces: offices, schools, hotels or homes. Some people even use them in conservatories and orangeries, or as a roof protection against sunlight.

Venetian Electric Blinds Supplied in the UK

We are one of the top producers of electric blinds in the UK, and we offer a variety of custom made blinds to all parts of the country. We deliver electrically powered blinds at some of the smallest prices available on the market. We also stay in touch with our customers online, always updating the website with a variety of new blind models. You will definitely fall in love with our Venetian electric blinds once you try them. They are not only useful, but also trendy, due to the variety of styles and materials that we propose, filtering the light and blocking the heat throughout the entire day.

So, what exactly do we offer? Well, our Venetian electric blinds are available in either wood or metal formats and in different slat widths. While metal Venetians come in 16mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm, the wood ones are available in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. You can purchase the ones with smaller slat widths if you are looking for discretion, but larger slats tend to stack smaller. There are also Venetian blinds made of plastic or with plastic components, for example, the remote controlled ones.

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Venetian electric blinds have a great number of advantages. First of all, it is almost impossible for someone on the outside to see through the blinds’ slats, yet if you are inside, you will be able to see everything that happens in your yard. Thus, you can have shade and privacy, and still be able to see the landscape.

Secondly, they provide great insulation, by keeping the temperature down on very hot days and maintaining the room cool during the winter, because they absorb and retain heat inside. This helps you to save energy, which also means saving money. Furthermore, you can enjoy even the hottest or coldest days.

Last, but not least, they allow you to be creative, since each type of slats can be decorated according to your preferences, in order to fit your house. Wood Venetians permit grain textures and can be either painted or stained. Metal Venetian electric blinds offer metallic, hammered, perforated, wood effects, patterns and plain options. They allow multiple colour combinations, no matter how eccentric your tastes are.

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Venetian electric blinds can be assembled either with swivel clips, tape or ladder cord. While the tape option is more popular with wood Venetians, the ladder cord works best with metal Venetians. The manually operated blinds use a tilt rod to change the slat angle and a cord lock system for raising the blinds. We also have friction operated Venetians for sale. They come with a perfect fit frame, in case you own uPVC window frames, and are perfect for smaller windows.

The most recommended are, however, the remote controlled Venetian blinds. You can choose from two options: electric tilt and raise and electric tilt with manual cord lock raise. The manual cord lock option is usually battery operated because it requires less power, which also makes these blinds come at a very good price. The electric raise and tilt ones can be either 24v or 240v. The 24v Venetian electric blinds are more practical because they have a smaller head rail, while the 240v ones require a larger head rail. It all depends on where you want to assemble the blinds and how much they weight. Voltage also depends on whether you are using Lutron or Crestron. If these terms seem somehow strange, our specialists will be more than happy to give you advice on the matter.

The Venetian electric blinds that are operated by remote control are the most practical, especially since they are so easy to use. Instead of manually pulling the cords, you just have to press a button on the remote control and the blinds will be raised or lowered in a matter of seconds. They also offer a light control function which allows you to adjust the amount of light that you want in the room. We also offer you a blackout feature, an option that makes your room entirely dark.

We care a lot about the high quality of our products and about your budget. That is why we work only with the best manufacturers in the UK, who provide us with excellent components at small prices. We have a great reputation due to the fact that our products vary from low cost to elaborate and elegant designs, without lacking quality at any level. All of them are just as efficient. Our Venetian electric blinds are the best on the market.

We encourage you to compare our varied offer to any other blind supplier in the UK. We are entirely sure that our company has the best range of products. If you think that it is time for a change in your home, our Venetian electric blinds are just what you need. Give us a call using the phone number provided for you, or enter our website and you will receive all the information you need. We will send our specialists to give you advice and take all the necessary measurements in the shortest time possible, no matter where in the UK you live. We can also talk about payment plans, discounts or designs. We are always open to your ideas.

We are truly concerned with your feedback, so do not hesitate to leave us comments and suggestions, either on the website or by e-mail. Our company maintains a close collaboration with former clients that were satisfied and recommended us and our Venetian electric blinds to their friends or family.

We supply and fit automated window blind Nationwide, for example we have recently fit automated blinds in Derby, Watford, Slough, Chesterfield and Surrey.

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