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Venetian blinds with remote control represent the perfect illustration of successfully combining the old and the new in the same product.They are probably the oldest classical blinds model on the market. Their versatile nature helps them match almost every space, no matter what its destination is. At the office, at the school entrance or in the lobby of a hotel, they decorate the windows, temperate the sunlight and reduce the power and effects of glare.

In a regular house, venetian blinds do an equally great job. From the elegant aspect offered to the patio or living room windows, to the bedroom, bathroom and even kitchen, this evergreen type of blinds come in a delightful variety of styles and materials. Of course, we cannot disregard the newest tendencies in terms of technical development – the venetian blinds with remote control.

Venetian Blinds with Remote Control: Where Do They Fit?

Many argued over their utility when they first appeared of the market. The prices were considerably higher compared to that of regular, non-automated blinds. However, it was not long before everyone admitted that the advantages offered surpass every criticism.

remote controlled venetian blinds

Today, venetian blinds with remote control have a well defined place among existing shading solutions. They are used even in rather unconventional places, such as the conservatory and orangery windows, and sometimes they are used as protection against sunlight for the roofs.

As you can see for yourself, these stylish blinds didn’t lose their charm with the years that passed by. From modern skyscrapers to family homes, they impose as efficient sun protection, filtering the light and insuring a cool and pleasant atmosphere throughout the whole day.

Main Characteristics of the Venetian Blinds with Remote Control

• Insulation – It is commonly known that a lot of the temperature lost by a house during the cold season goes away trough the poorly insulated windows. Besides keeping sun away on hot days, the remote controlled venetian blinds have an excellent temperature control function. In the summer, when the outside atmosphere is hot, they keep the room cool while, during the winter, they retain the warmth inside. This is why they are considered the best shading solutions for conservatories. Besides, a great amount of fuel used for house heating is saved as well thanks to this property.

• Wide variety of sizes – the venetian blinds with remote control come in all possible lengths and widths, being easily adjusted to the surface that needs to be covered. Of course, there are many custom made models available, but when it comes to orders made after particular measurements, there are no standards or limits.

• Easy to operate – This is in fact the most important advantage of the product in question. Imagine the effort consumed in pulling the cords of manually operated venetian blinds all day long, and perhaps never achieving the same degree of accuracy in adjusting them. It can be both frustrating and exhausting. With the remote control, the whole operation is completely automated, and takes no more than a few seconds.

• Diversity of materials – The traditional venetian blinds were made of wood. However, since the development of new fabrication technologies, other new materials were added to the list. Today, the most popular models are the plastic and metal varieties of venetian blinds with remote control. The aluminum is mostly used for the metallic version, perfect to cover patio doors. The wooden ones, however, manage to spice and warm up the cold of the futuristic home decor designs.

• Colorful – This characteristic is common especially for the venetian blinds with remote control made from plastic or metal. They are available in hundreds of color combinations, more or less conventional. They satisfy even the most eccentric ideas of interior decoration.

• Several power levels – They depend on the size of the blind. The most popular are the small battery operated venetian blinds. The electrically operated versions are mainly available in the 24 volt form, and 240 volt, although less frequently used.

• Efficient light control – This function allows the user to adjust the light in a room, keeping away the undesirable effects of excessive sunshine. This way, the proper maintenance of the furniture and electric devices is ensured. Besides, the blackout feature makes the room totally dark. It is quite a relief for people who are forced by the nature of their job to work at night and sleep throughout the day.

• Privacy. It is almost impossible for a person outside to see through the thick slats, especially if they are made of wood. Meantime, the inhabitants of the house are able to observe everything that happens outside. As a funny curiosity, in almost all detective movies the windows are covered by venetian blinds.

Motorized Blinds – The Home of the Best Venetian Blinds with Remote Control

There are many companies that produce and sell automated blinds in the UK. Among them, Motorized Blinds has a solid reputation for providing a diverse offer. Our products range from low cost but exceptional quality to exclusive designs and even eccentric RC blinds.

Browsing the special offers, you can find a lot of custom made items, but if you are interested in fitted venetian blinds, all you have to do is to give us a free call, at the permanently available phone number provided for this exact purpose. All measurements are made in the shortest possible time. Your location makes no difference, because the service is offered for free by our company, for any part of the country.

The high quality and professional standards are our main concern at Motorized Blinds. That’s why we keep a close collaboration with a lot of happy former clients. Actually, many of them referred us to their friends and relatives in order to show their appreciation for the products and services we provide. So, if you made up your mind about changing something in the way your home looks, our venetian blinds with remote control will certainly fit wonderfully.

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