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If you are looking for a set of electric blinds that not only protect you from sunlight, but also fit the stylish interior of your home, then the right choice for you are our roman electric blinds. We are one of UK’s main suppliers of electric blinds, providing a wide variety of custom made, electrically powered blinds to all the country. Not only do we deliver remote control blinds to almost any part of the UK, but we also offer some of the smallest prices, the possibility to order online, and a great range of blinds to choose from. Also, we measure the size of the area that needs to be covered with blinds, in order to make sure that they will fit perfectly. Once you check out our roman electric blinds, you will definitely understand how useful, luxurious, yet cheap the shading solutions we propose are.

Blinds have evolved, just like windows have, becoming not only a necessity, but also sophisticated items incorporated in the home design. Moreover, technology has made possible the fabrication of shades made of plastic, acrylic, or different other fibres, and the existence of electrically controlled blinds, which are easy to operate and very practical. The roman electric blinds we offer combine both of these technology advantages into one product. Roman shades come with the promise of great flexibility, modern features and elegance, all in one product. Unlike the traditional blinds, which need manual operation, roman electric blinds do not require any intervention, because their automated system helps you to operate them with a remote control. Moreover, you can vary the amount of light which comes in from the outside, depending on your preferences.

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Our electronic roman blinds are electrically powered and/or battery operated, which makes them suitable for any house or office. They are powered by motors of 24 volts or 240 volts, depending on the size they come in and can weigh up to 15 kg. Also, you can choose from several design versions that differ in terms of the fabrics used for their fabrication. Roman electric blinds are just as delightful as curtains, but they incorporate the high technology and practicality of electrically controlled blinds. You can operate them either with the help of a remote control or a fixed switch. The radio control system makes the roman electric blinds perfect for lazy days, when you do not want to leave the bed or couch. The Roman blind system is ideal for houses and apartments, and also for conservatories, hotels, offices or other types of businesses. We guarantee a safe transport, delivery and assembly, all for a really low cost.

Besides the efficiency in the technical department, the roman electric blinds that we provide have an elegant appearance, because the motor is concealed inside the headbox. They are crafted entirely in the UK, with a special focus on the appearance of the blind, which is, after all, the main attraction of the product. Roman blinds can be easily fixed on the ceiling or wall, and they come with a special cord release mechanism that makes cleaning the fabric a very easy operation.

We offer two designs for roman blinds: flat blinds and hobbled, or teardrop blinds. The teardrop blinds are the ones that offer a pleated effect, due to the excess of fabric used in their creation, giving a pleasant visual appearance, but also better insulation. These advantages make them the favourites of both designers and home owners. In some spaces, though, the flat blinds are more suitable, because they cover less space. However, we can provide both types of shades, according to the client’s needs and preferences.

The variety of styles, colours, textures and fabrics – cotton, linen or more exotic materials such as bamboo – that we provide for our roman electric blinds helps clients to create their own interior design statements, while efficiently protecting the rooms from the rays of the sun. The complete range of roman shades is available with blackout lining that has light blocking properties, making the blinds also suitable for home cinemas, therapy rooms, or children’s nurseries. Tailor-made designs feature pastels, natural hues or vivid, vibrant colours, elegant patterns, as well as classical designs, making our blinds equally perfect for eccentric decorated houses and for classical homes.

We now have some great deals on offer, it is the perfect time for you to give us a call and find out more about our entire range of electric blinds. We offer the cheapest blinds in the UK, because we get our components directly from the best manufacturers, at the best price. In addition to quality and fashionable designs, we also provide a free measurement service. Our specialists will visit you at home for a free measure-up, to make sure that the custom made blinds will perfectly fit your windows. The ordering and installation of all our electric blinds is extremely simple and can be done by phone or online. We offer support to all our clients in order to determine their needs, preferences and expectations and help them choose the best motorized blind system. Some may wish for a really hi-tech design, while others only care about practicality. To be sure you have not skipped any of our offers, we can provide you samples of fabrics that we have for sale. Once you are entirely happy with what you chose, we can take your order. We will deliver the blinds immediately, no matter where in the UK you live.

We have been in the field long enough to realize what clients want and need, and this made us one of the top electric blind suppliers in the UK. Therefore, make sure you visit our company’s website, where you can read more about electric blinds, designed either for your home or office, and check out the affordable prices we offer. On the website you can find all the necessary details to help you make an order anytime you want. Our roman electric blinds have an excellent cost-efficiency rate, so you will definitely not regret buying them.

Our Company Supplies and Fits Electric blind systems Nationwide, for example we have recently fit automated blinds in Derby, Watford, Windsor, Mansfield and Dudley.

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