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Roman Blinds with Remote Control

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When you think about automated, remote controlled blinds, that fit every windows’ size or shape, you definitely have in mind roman blinds with remote control. Trough their slim, delicate nature, these shading solutions add comfort and beauty to every home.

Roman blinds with Remote Control – Benefits

Operating facility – Thanks to the infra red controlled system, they can be activated from a considerable distance. Beside, with the help of a single remote control, several blinds can be adjusted, without any interference. In the light of this, operating them becomes really easy, even for a child.

Flexible positioning – It is easy to find the perfect angle and allow the light to enter the room, keeping at the same time the desired level of shade. This way, an effective protection against sunlight and sun glare is always ensured, not only for the people who live in the house, but also for the TV and computer screens, upholstery and furniture.

Lots of purposes attained – Roman blinds with remote control are ideal for conservatory windows and open spaces, like porches and patios. They fit great in interior spaces too, especially bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. They can be also used in bathrooms or kitchens, although not so frequently.

Automated – The electrically operated versions are of 24 Volt and 240 Volt power. There is also the battery operated option, but it only valid for small blinds.

High customization level – It is widely known that not all the windows of a house have the same dimensions. In fact, there are cases when they have quite odd shapes. The good news for all home owners is that roman blinds with remote control are highly adaptable. They can be made by measure, so making them fit every window, no matter the shape, is not a problem.

Great effect – There are a lot of decorators and interior designers who recommend these blinds warmly. This is mainly because, in all cases, they add distinction and beauty, not only to the decorated windows, but to the entire space as well. In the case of conservatories and porches, the effect is delightful. They re-create the atmosphere of a colonial, plantation mansion, combined with the facilities offered by a contemporary home.

Various colors and models – The palette of materials used is very large. It allows numerous combinations of colors and textures. In the light of this, one can always choose the roman blinds with remote control to fit the floor, furniture or wall color of his\her house. Because, sometimes, choosing the perfect ones can be pretty hard, it is preferable to ask a home decorator for advice.

Very easy to maintain – Basically, a moist rag, soaked in water or any cleaning solution, can do a great job in this case. However, there are some situations which require the use of special chemical substances. When they are necessary, it is always indicated to consult carefully both the instruction manual that comes with the blinds, and the label of the used product.

Advantageous prices – Roman blinds with remote control come not only with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but with great prices too. They represent a cheap, but effective solution when it comes to ensuring the best protection against sun rays and glare. Also, the delicate appearance makes them awesome design elements, bringing a fresh air in every house.

Lots of designs – There is a superb range of available patterns: from the geometric figures to floral motives, even cartoon heroes, you can find them all. If a customer has particular tastes and ideas when it comes to the design of this kind of blinds with remote control, there is no problem to have them met in practice. However, the price is considerably higher in these cases.

Motorized Blinds – Professional Roman Blinds with Remote Control

We are a reputable UK blinds supplier, and working with us will offer you countless benefits, from many points of view.

Great diversity – No matter what type of blinds you are interested in, we can provide them all. We provide a wide range of fitted venetian blinds, fitted roller blinds and fitted roman blinds. The products come in all variants of motorization, both battery and electrically operated.

Competitive prices – We are able to offer the lowest prices by acquiring the materials we need straight from their manufacturers. This way, we ensure the quality of the products and we keep our clients satisfied.

Well trained staff. Our sales representatives discuss all the details with each client, helping them make the best decisions. They don’t push people, or pressure them into signing anything. This is how we gained a good name and a terrific reputation among our customers.

Web page – You can find us on the internet as well. Visiting our website, you can find the latest offers for roman blinds with remote control, but also a great range of other shading solutions.

Free of charge phone line – You can call anytime within the working hours and rest assured knowing your inquiries or needs will be answered.

No charge on measuring – If you are interested in made to measure blinds, our employees will arrive at your doorstep in no time and measure your windows. This is an absolutely free service, no matter the country’s region you live in.

Roman Blinds with Remote Control – Are They Really Necessary?

Even today, the subject carries out a lot of controversy. The fans of this hi-tech product glorify the advantages it offers, while the adversaries say that they are too insignificant for the price. Both sides bring strong arguments in defending their points of view.

However, the main benefit is the great easiness with which they are operated. Older, partially or totally disabled persons aren’t always able to manually adjust the blinds, without outside help. In the meantime, RC blinds make things so much easier: just a touch of a button, and the windows are shaded. From this point of view, it is certainly worth to pay a little more, and have some stylish roman blinds with remote control installed.

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