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If your idea of blinds includes elegance, effective protection against sunlight and glare, and easy handling, all at the same time, then roller blinds with remote control are just what you need.

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Lately, people have begun to pay more and more interest in these products. The advantages they offer are considerably greater than in the case of standard, manually operated blinds. As a result, new suppliers and producers appear on the market every day, some with better offers than the others. Among them, Motorized Blinds is one of the most respected companies in the field, all across the UK. We made a tradition out of promptitude and high quality in relation to the products and services we offer, doing our best to meet the customers’ needs timely and efficiently. We offer a wide range of remote controlled blinds for homes, but also for hotels, schools, offices and so on.

No matter how big or small the order is, if custom made or made to measure, we are always close to our customers and we adjust our offer to their needs. The roller blinds we provide have the lowest prices in the country. We can afford to keep them so, because the necessary materials always come from the deposits of the manufacturers, without any in between interferences. However, you don’t have to trust our word, you can verify the facts on your own. Visiting the company’s website, will find interesting information, and also the free calculation tool and the free quotes offer, to help you plan your budget for the roller blinds with remote control you are after.

If none of our custom made products fit the size of your window, measuring services are provided free of charge. This stands for any part of the country, no matter where your home or facility is located. Also, our sales representatives are highly trained and able to assist you in making the right decisions, their only objective being your satisfaction, and not making quick money on your expense, as it usually happens in commerce.

Therefore, we can safely say you have everything you need in order to make the best decision, respectively information, technical support and a variety of models, some more beautiful and practical than others.

Roller Blinds with Remote Control – Features

– Flexibility – They can ensure the shade of your home, keeping it safe from the potentially damaging effect of glare and powerful sunlight on the furniture and electric devices (TV and computer screens). However, they do the same amazing job for public spaces such as commercial premises, medical facilities, schools and offices.

– Gradual shading – Depending on the fabric the roller blinds with remote control are made of, respectively dim, transparent, blackout or translucent materials, they allow the light to invade a room in higher or lower proportion, for the best comfort degree of all inhabitants.

– Simultaneously operated – Using only one remote control, you can adjust up to eight different blinds in the same room, with no physical effort. It is a task impossible to perform on manually activated blinds.

– Easy to install – They don’t require any special abilities or knowledge, because the instructions we provide are clear and intuitive. The control system and the driver are conveniently placed inside a box.

– Safety ensured – All the electric parts of the roller blinds with remote control are properly insulated, in order to prevent short-circuits or fire hazards. Also, if the system is overloaded, it simply stops running in thirty seconds. The motor has its own separate protection system, and, in case it breaks down (it never happened before), the integrity of the other components is not affected.

– Several operation choices – The operating system is electrical. The large and heavy blinds are 240 Volt powered, while, for the medium sizes, the 24 Volt operation system does a great job. The smallest models available are battery operated, but they are not so frequently used as the other two versions.

– Many adjustable positions – The roller blinds with remote control can be completely raised or pulled down. Also, there are a lot of in between options that ensure the optimum balance between shade and light, every moment of the day.

– Several placement options – Thanks to the special, curtain-like design, they are always a more than great choice for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms. However, because they are mainly made of fabric, they are not the most suitable shading solution for bathroom or kitchen.

– Diversity of designs and models. There is a wide range of roller blinds with remote control models available, bound to answer even the most demanding tastes and preferences. The common models, with a simple design line of the fabric, are used as a shading solution mostly for official institutions. The situation changes completely when it comes to homes. With elegant lines and a lot of colorful motives, the blinds add a note of discrete luxury to the room, contributing to a calm, cool and cozy atmosphere.

Roller Blinds with Remote Control – Keeping in Touch with Technology

Today, the society is more and more addicted to the advantages offered by the technological development. Although this can have a few unpleasant consequences, the benefits are clearly overwhelming. People get to try new things and communicate from a distance with incredible speed and easiness. This progress is also observed in the way that every day activities are performed. Every household device is designed to improve the quality of people’s life, leaving them more free time. It is the case of remote controlled blinds too. Having them is not just a whim, but a necessity.

Adjusting manual drapes or blinds requires a lot of effort, and, many times, the result achieved does not match the expectations. Instead, with a mere touch of a button, the blinds can be brought to the proper position in a matter of seconds. The more you think about it, the more appealing the roller blinds with remote control seem.

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