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Remote control window blinds are motorized blinds that facilitate the movements of tilt and lift of the slats or fabrics. It simply means that these blinds are equipped with a motor that is operated through a special remote control. As a consequence, there is no need for more than one remote control in order to adjust many window blinds. The remote control eases your job a lot, especially if you are living or working in a place with many large windows.

Remotes facilitate the access in hard to reach areas and the adjustment of multiple blinds simultaneously. Some blinds and handsets are battery powered, which means that there are no wires that you need to camouflage. If your blinds have significant drops and widths, we can optionally hardwire them for you, finding nice ways to keep the wires out of sight. Our blinds operate using IR remote controls that power the tilting of the slats. This is a way to ensure low cost motorization and ease of use.

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Our top products have an advanced design that allows you to have excellent control over the lift and tilt functions. Our remote control window blinds rely on efficient motors that provide quick and smooth lifting and slightly slower and more exact tilting than ordinary products. If you like it better, we can make your blinds operate through simple wall-mount switches.

We are one of the top suppliers of remote control window blinds on the market; our range of products includes roman blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds. We also have a diversified range of shades, such as pleated shades, cellular shades, solar shades, sheer shades and wooden shades. Our shades have various patterns, textures and colours, and they are meant to be used in a variety places and situations.

Here are some of the places for which we can provide RC blinds: bathroom and kitchens, living rooms, bed rooms, home theatres, offices, hotels, halls or gyms. In addition, we can provide special models that fit places such as conservatories and orangeries. Our blinds have top insulation properties, protecting various premises from excess heat.

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Our remote control window blinds can be operated from quite a large distance (about 30 feet), being of particular help to people with physical disabilities or elderly people that find it difficult to manually adjust their blinds. You can even show your children how to operate them, as it is easy and safe. Remotes controls are excellent ways to operate your blinds when you are tired, in a hurry, sitting in an inappropriate or distant area or when you are multi-tasking.

Remote controls allow you to adjust your blinds in the desired position without touching them or having to pull on cords. This helps prolong the life span of your blinds and eases their maintenance. It is enough to gently wipe the blinds from time to time, if the fabrics allow you, or just remove the dust with the help of the vacuum cleaner to keep the blinds clean and shiny. The batteries are designe to last for about 2 years, so replacing them also needs very little effort.

We can provide you with remote control window blinds that are made from the most resistant and efficient materials. Our range of materials is feature UV protection, heat resistance and fire retardation properties, glare control, full opacity for when privacy is highly needed and modern colours, resistant to prolonged light exposure.

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We provide free measuring services for all persons or firms located in the UK. In addition, we also provide adequate handsets, if you choose to purchase some of our remote control window blinds. You will no longer have to bother with figuring out the perfect size of the blinds or finding remote controls that can operate them appropriately. We also help you program the handsets, show you how to replace the batteries, adjust the blind to another channel (when multi-channel handsets are used), program the rest of the blinds (when more than one blind is operated by the same remote control) and adjust the upper and lower limits of your blinds. We also provide free price quotes for all of our custom-made blind systems (remote controlled, mains powered or wall-switch equipped).

Our remote control window blinds are remarkably easy to use and have an astonishing look. They are simply the best window blinds that money can buy, and they come at great prices. We afford to sell our luxury range of blinds at affordable prices because we work directly with the manufacturers, so we purchase our components at the lowest prices possible. We commercialize nothing less than the best materials and the best technology, and you should not accept anything less, especially since you can afford to pay for perfection.

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Our remote control window blinds are an excellent choice for people who are in a business where interior design plays a vital role, but they are also excellent for people who like to pamper themselves in the cosiness and intimacy of their homes. Our designs, materials and technology can serve multiple purposes, so we sell our products to a spectacular number of customers. Our clients appreciate our work and the way we do business, and this is why we are presently one of the most popular providers of window shades in the UK.

We offer our services 7 days a week, so you can call us and have us measure your windows and deal with the fitting of your remote control window blinds whenever your schedule allows you to. We provide numerous electric blind packages, suitable for all situations. We can easily supply a large number of blinds for commercial premises or public institutions, and we offer some of the best discounts for bulk orders.

Our remote control window blinds are worth every penny because they do a perfect job in ensuring privacy, controlling temperature and lighting, responding to commands instantly and maintaining their appearance in time; they are exquisite, reliable, beautifully-designed and professional, which is all one can wish for.

Our Company Supplies and Fits remote control blinds Nationwide, for example we have recently fit motorised blinds in Bedford, London, Windsor, Oxford and Bolton.

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