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Remote control window blinds are the latest hi-tech trend in home decor. Both practical and in vogue, remote control blinds are extremely easy to operate and very appropriate for people who move with difficulty, elderly people, or anyone who prefers comfort. Using a TV-style remote control that permits you to control your blinds from anywhere in the house, you will love these blinds for their feasibility and their really small price. The fact that they are very flexible makes them perfect for a variety of spaces: offices, schools, hotels or homes.

We are one of the main suppliers of electric blinds in the UK, and we offer you a large range of custom made blinds that we deliver anywhere in the country. We provide electrically powered blinds for some of the smallest prices on the market. We also offer online consultancy, through our website and our order service, always updating it with the latest information on blinds. You will definitely adore our remote control window blinds once you try them. They are not only liable and safe, but also stylish, thanks to the designs and materials that we offer. They filter the light and block the heat during the summer or preserve the warmth during the winter.

Remote control window blinds offer effortless control at the touch of just one button. You get to choose from a collection of wireless remote controls that will make any operation convenient and simple. Due to their special features, you can control one or several blinds at a time, eliminating repetitive and boring tasks, such as manually pulling each blind. This is also useful because the life of your blinds is lengthened by opening and closing them correctly. Remote control operation is also appropriate for blinds that are situated too high. They are great because, by removing the need for unattractive manual controls, they improve the design of your home.
Remote control window blinds come with special functions such as programmed thermal control and energy efficiency features. When you are not at home, the control of the blinds can be achieved with the help of weather sensors. Moreover, if you leave home for several days, and you want to maintain the impression that you are still inside, you can set the time of day when the blinds will be automatically lowered or raised. In addition, some blinds also have the facility that allows you to “recall” a position of the blinds that you saved in the system’s memory.

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We have a variety of remote control window blinds to choose from, including the classical vertical blinds, elegant fitted Venetian blinds, practical wood blinds, and greatly fitted roman and roller blinds. We work with top manufacturers to make sure that we deliver useful and reliable shading solutions for you, without any intermediate cost.

The remote control window blinds that we offer use wireless radio frequency remote control handsets, which makes them perfect for large living spaces, because they allow you to open or close the blinds with a push of a button. Moreover, the radio frequency allows you to control the blinds even when you are not in direct line of sight with them, or in the same room. One remote control is enough to operate the entire blind system, which saves you a lot of time.

They can be operated either with batteries of 6, 9 or 24V, depending on the model, or be mains powered. Some of the models even use 24V DC motors or 240V AC motors. This provides great flexibility, since the small 24V motors are powerful enough and aesthetically pleasant, because the motors are hidden inside the blind rails or roller tubes. The 240V AC motors are adequate for heavier sets of blinds. We also provide wall switches for clients that specifically ask us to, but we recommend you to get a remote control, as well, since it is much more practical. In addition, our remote control window blinds can also be connected to home management systems such as Lutron or Crestron.

We evidently care a lot about the high quality and technology that we use in making our blinds and about offering you the best prices. We take pride in our great reputation, and we always try to keep our offer as varied as possible. The blinds that we have for sale vary from low cost, custom made, to extravagant, sophisticated designs, all with just as much quality and just as efficient.

Our remote control window blinds are the best on the market, and we truly believe that. This is why we thoroughly encourage you to compare our quotes to any other quotes from our competitors. We are entirely sure that our products have the best quality and prices. If you believe that your home, office, or conservatory need a new look, our remote control window blinds are exactly what you need, so do not hesitate to give us a call at the specified phone number.

You are also invited to enter our website and read more information about the quotes that we provide. We will make sure that our team of specialists will advise you properly. We will also send them to your home to take the measurements in the shortest possible time, wherever in the UK you live. This way, you can be sure that the blinds will perfectly fit your windows. You can also ask our team about payment plans, and even see samples of fabrics and colour schemes. We treasure your opinion about our blinds a lot, and we are truly concerned with your feedback, so you are welcome to send us your comments, questions and suggestions, either on the website or by e-mail. Our company’s policy is based on confidence, and we care about our customers. Former clients that were pleased with our products have recommended us to their friends or family.

If our remote control window blinds sound perfect for your home, contact us right away, and we will immediately send you a quote.

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