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We can supply all types of remote control blinds throughout the UK, radio control or timer systems are an excellent choice for anyone wishing to take advantage of modern wireless technology.

When it comes to automatic shading solutions, remote control vertical blinds are a popular choice. The is due to their great versatility that makes them fit not only for schools, offices and medical facilities, but also for homes.

Remote Control Vertical Blinds – Short History

For centuries, people have been looking for protection methods against excessive sunlight and glare. In the beginning, drapes were very popular, because they offered some extra warmth during the cold season. However, they were pretty hard to maintain clean too, because the dust kept clinging on them.

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The first vertical blinds appeared about half a century ago, and become very popular as a shading solution for offices, hair dresser saloons and, later on, for hospital waiting rooms and medical offices.

The remote control vertical blinds were invented later, and made people’s life easier. With the simple touch of a button, they ensured the perfect balance between light and shadow, in any moment of the day.

Although, at first, people were reluctant to purchase the pretty expensive product, in time, its popularity grew overwhelmingly, mainly because new technologies were developed, allowing manufacturers to lower the production costs.

Nowadays, the remote control vertical blinds are used to keep sunlight and sun glare away from spaces with large windows, like living rooms and patios, but also in bedrooms, kitchens and sometimes even bathrooms.

Remote Control Vertical Blinds Benefits

– Great adjustment – Thanks to the remote control system, establishing the perfect angle of light is easier than ever. The slats can be rotated or even perfectly closed, for a total blackout. These blinds help protect the furniture and upholstery colors from fading, providing the desired amount of light at the same time.

– Privacy – Due to the way the slats are disposed, they allow the maximum of intimacy for homes and offices. You can observe the outside movements without being noticed in return.

– Silent running – The remote control vertical blinds are powered by a small quiet engine. You can carry on with your daily activities without being interrupted. The quality is even more important in night time, when enjoying a quality sleep is easier than ever.

– Easy to operate – They have an infrared controlled system that makes it very simple to adjust the amount of sunlight entering the room. You don’t have to interrupt your current activities and handle the slats, in search of the perfect angle. These facilities become even more important when the person operating the blinds is short, old or disabled.

– Great choice of materials – Indeed, this is one of the main reasons why the remote control vertical blinds are preferred over the other models. Made of plastic, wood, metal or fabric, they look great on any window. The most popular models are the ones made of plastic, mainly because they are very easy to maintain. A regular cleaning solution on a rag does a perfect job in keeping the dust away. Wood is equally popular, especially for homes and buildings trying to preserve a rustic charm. They can be made at very low prices, out of compressed wood, but oak is the perfect solution for more expensive, luxurious models. They give an exquisite look not only to the windows, but to the whole room where they are placed. Fabric is used mostly to cover the plastic or wooden slats. It is here where the fantasy of the designers knows no limits. Various models can be created on every slat in order to complete attractive patterns when they are totally closed. Despite the great look, the remote control vertical blinds made of fabric are the hardest to clean.

– A variety of UK models available – The bigger ones, fit for larger windows, are electrically operated. They can be both wired or wireless controlled. There are also 240 volt battery operated vertical RC blinds, smaller in size.

– Elegant and stylish – As mentioned above, these blinds come in a variety of materials and sizes. Even the cheapest models can offer your home a touch of luxury. A plain looking patio or living room is instantly transformed into a delightful, stylish, superb space.

– Flexible prices – There are all kind of models available, from simple, low cost and classical designs, to the rich, luxurious, custom made that can cost a fortune but they are worth every penny.

Motorized Blinds – UK’s Remote Control Vertical Blinds Top Supplier

Due to the growth of people’s interest in these products, many companies across England produce them. However, in some cases the prices remain considerably high, especially because of the raw materials’ costs. From this point of view, our company is one step ahead, by acquiring all the necessary components straight from the manufacturers.

This way of dealing reflects in the final price of the products. They are cheap, but high quality is still a priority. Our company offers to all interested clients a wonderful range of custom made products. You can also visit our website, and find out more about our products and the special offers they are subject to.

Free quotations are available, as well as an efficient calculation method, all meant to help you determine how much money you need in for the blinds that will bring your home or office to life. We also offer free measuring services for clients who need their blinds made by measure, no matter in what region of the UK, how close or far they live. Our employees know their work very well, and dimensions are carefully and precisely determined.

Our sales representatives are very scrupulous in explaining the contract details, providing our client with valuable information and allowing them the time and the freedom to choose the price and the model they prefer.

Budget priced or expensive, big or small, no matter the materials or colours you prefer, your expectations can be answered at Just contact us and let us show you what high quality and beautiful remote control vertical blinds are all about.

As well as radio controlled vertical blinds we can supply rc blinds for skylights, bifold doors, roller blinds and fabric roman blinds.

Our Company Supplies and Fits remote control blind systems Nationwide, recently we have fit electric blinds in Derby, Watford, Slough, Chesterfield and Loughborough.

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