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Remote control roman blinds offer the smartest balance between tradition and modernity – a traditional model of blinds, known for centuries, and the modernity brought by the latest technology in blind operation, remote control.

In the past, roman blinds had the purpose of blocking sunlight and maintaining a cool interior temperature in summers. They were very popular among the roman aristocracy and were usually hung at the windows of roman emperors. These imperial blinds gained even more popularity in time, and now many people have roman blinds in their homes or offices.

Roman blinds are made out of a single piece of fabric. In the old days, the fabric was hung at the windows while still damp, in order to reduce the temperature of the room. Heavy fabrics were preferred, because they could hold water for a long period of time. In the hot Mediterranean summers, hanging these damp blinds at the windows was enough to maintain a pleasant, bearable temperature.

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Nowadays, nobody hangs damp blinds at the window anymore. The blind models available on the market today have thermal properties that contribute to maintaining the perfect interior temperature in summer and winters alike. The fabrics that are used to create remote control roman blinds are very diverse, having different opacities, colours and textures. Just like in the past, they are used to block sunlight and create aesthetic effects that enhance the beauty of a room.

The benefits of remote control roman blinds

1. Sophisticated design – there are two varieties of roman blinds – flat and teardrop. Flat blinds stay flat when lowered, while teardrop blinds offer a flowing effect, because the fabric forms beautiful folds. This drapery-like effect they create brought them the poetic name: teardrop roman blinds. This is the most appreciated model of roman blinds, because of the visual effect it creates.

Because their folds resemble curtain folds, this blind model is most appropriate for traditionally designed rooms, for rooms that have an overall warm appearance and are suitable to daily living. For bathrooms, kitchens, offices and institutions, flat blinds might be most suitable.

2. Light control – because roman blinds are made from a single piece of fabric, light is totally prevented from entering the room. Other types of blinds that have slats permit light to pass through the cracks created between them. If you install remote control roman blinds, you will not have to worry about this aspect.

However, you can choose the amount of light you allow to penetrate the blinds, because different fabrics have different opacities. If you choose a translucent fabric, you will be able to enjoy some sunlight, even when the blinds are lowered. If you prefer total darkness, you can opt for blackout materials that do not allow sunlight to penetrate.

3. Privacy – as a consequence of the above-mentioned characteristic of roman blinds, you can be sure that nobody will be able to look through the cracks in your blinds and see inside your room. This way, your safety and privacy are protected. Nobody that passes by your house will be able to take part in the precious moments of your family uninvited. When you lower the blinds you know it is only you and your loved ones in the house.

4. Durability – another consequence of the fact that roman blinds are made from a single piece of fabric is their long-lastingness. Blinds that have slats can be easily deteriorated, and can easily break. If you do not pay enough attention, the slats can be twisted and broken. If you have children in the house, roman blinds are the most intelligent choice you can make. Children will not have the possibility to grab the slats and break them. On top of that, in case you install remote control roman blinds, the risk of accidents is considerably reduced, because there are not cords that could pose a threat to the safety of your children.

5. Temperature control – the roman blinds of today do not have to be soaked in water and hung damp, because they do a great job maintaining the perfect indoor temperature. The heavy, reliable fabric covers all the surface of the window and intense sunlight is prevented from entering the room and changing the interior temperature.

6. Easy to wash – roman blinds’ fabric can be easily washed in the washing machine. Maintenance is extremely easy for this type of blinds.

7. Effortless operation – remote control roman blinds offer house owners the possibility to operate the blinds instantaneously, with the help of a remote control. This saves time, and can be a very important feature to look for, if you are planning on installing blinds to windows that cannot be reached easily. If the windows are positioned high on the wall, or you would like to install roof blinds, remote control operation is the only solution. Furthermore, remote control roman blinds are the perfect choice for people who suffer from various disabilities, have reduced mobility or are ill and cannot operate the blinds manually. In this category we can also include the elderly for whom manual operation can require quite an effort.

8. Affordability – remote control roman blinds are not expensive, especially if you know where to purchase them from. At, we have remote control roman blinds that fit all types of budgets, without compromising quality. We offer some of the most affordable prices in the business, because we source directly from manufacturers. So, in case you thought remote control blinds do not fit your budget, check out our offer, and you will be convinced of the contrary.

Our experts will visit you in any part of the UK and offer their measurement services for free. You will also receive an approximation of the price. If you have problems deciding between different models, ask some of our experts for help, and they will gladly suggest you the best alternative considering the interior design of the room where you want to install remote control roman blinds, as well as your budget limitations.

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