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Remote Control Roman Blinds for Windows

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Improve your comfort with the help of our remote control roman blinds for windows. We offer a wide range of colours, various widths, and remarkable patterns. No matter where you live, in London, Birmingham, or in any part of the UK, we can visit you at home, and offer our remote control roman blinds at the lowest price.

If you are considering changing your interior design style, we may help you by offering a large set of options inspired from the newest trends in the field. Our remote control roman blinds for windows offer not only a clean and contemporary look, but also a high level of quality. Furthermore, they can contribute to creating a quiet, warm atmosphere. Contact us online, and we will give you the opportunity to change your life and the aspect of your room. If you are looking for something special, then the custom made remote control roman blinds for windows will satisfy your need of luxury and your desire to have a unique, modern, and sophisticated room.

Remote control roman blinds for windows – operation and control options

As we have already suggested, Roman blinds can be controlled wirelessly through a home automated system powered by 240V, 24V, or batteries. Larger blinds require a 240 volt wireless control system, while the smaller ones are 24 volt, or work on batteries. However, the 24 volt blinds imply an additional conversion system.

You can also choose the alternative manual control system that is cheaper and less sophisticated. However, investing in remote control blinds is certainly a wise choice. Your budget will not suffer too much, since we have the lowest prices in the business. Our Romans are radio controlled, and have a hi-tech receiver system that satisfies all your needs. If you wish to raise or lower the blinds, or need precise tilting control of the blind slats, you can have that just by pushing a button. You can enjoy natural light whenever you choose, or opt to block light completely, so that you can create an intimate and comfortable environment, depending on your own needs.

You can operate one of the blinds, or a set of blinds with the help of a wireless wall mounted switch, handheld remote control, or both. Our remote control roman blinds for windows have programmable operation and come with a timer, or a sun and temperature control feature, and you can choose one, both, or none of these additional items.

More control options are also available –internet control, or Universal RTS Interface Control. The same universal remote control which controls your TV may be also used to adjust your window blinds. There are numerous choices in terms of control. Just tell us what you want, and we will offer our services. We will gladly help you to measure the area that needs to be covered with blinds, find the best options to match your interior design and budget limitations, so you can enjoy the highest level of style and technology, at the best prices.

Remote control roman blinds for windows – design options

You can find a large variety of blind colours and patterns on our website. You can select from our inexpensive, made to measure Roman blinds, the model that will match the overall interior design of your room and the size of your windows perfectly.

Various shades of whites, creams, browns, greens, blues, greys, blacks, pinks and purples, and different samples and pattern collections can be found on our website. If your walls are painted in pale colours, you could opt for a strong, contrasting fabric colour for the roman blinds. If, on the contrary, the walls are painted in vivid colours, choose pale, delicate shades of cream or grey for the blinds. It is very important to create an even, unified design.

Even though most people install blinds for instrumental purposes, you do not have to forget about aesthetic issues. Try to match the colour and texture of the blinds to the interior design of the room. If you do not know how to do that, ask an interior designer for guidance, or contact our team of experts that will immediately offer their advice and support.

Our remote control roman blinds are made out of soft, textured fabrics. We use fabrics that are long lasting, good looking, and yet affordable. When choosing the type of fabric for your blinds, fabric opacity is one aspect you have to take into consideration. For example, translucent fabrics allow sunlight to penetrate them, so even when the blinds are lowered, sunlight will still enter the room. On the contrary, blackout fabrics prevent light from passing through them.

Remote control roman blinds for windows – different types

If you are looking for something simple and yet stylish, then you can select a model from our Plain Roman Blind collection. Or, you may want to give a natural look to your environment by choosing blinds that are made out of natural renewable materials including jute, bamboo and wood. Patterned Roman Blinds can give the perfect finishing touch to a delicate, stylish room. If you choose Blackout Roman blinds, you will be able to enjoy complete darkness at any time of day. People who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day will find the blackout blinds to be extremely helpful. Just lower the blinds with the help of your remote control, and you will be able to enjoy restful sleep, no matter the hour of the day or night.

Why choose our remote control roman blinds for windows

Our remote control roman blinds are the expression of luxury and comfort. They combine astonishing design with high tech remote control options, new and old styles, tradition and cutting edge technologies, comfort and ease of use. Furthermore, low cost roman blinds are for sale on our website.

Remote control roman blinds for windows are a stylish alternative to traditional window coverings and are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, conservatories, kitchens, hotels, schools or offices.

Our Company Supplies and Fits automated window blind Nationwide, recently we have fit motorised blinds in Bedford, Harrow, Windsor, Oxford and Marlow.

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