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Remote control roller blinds are the perfect combination between style and technology. Roller blinds, just as their name suggest, are rolled onto a tube when raised. Roller blinds used to be manually operated, but, now, more and more house owners opt for remote controlled blinds, that offer them increased comfort.

There are two types of manual operation for roller blinds: chain and crank. The most affordable option remains chain operation, but it might not be a very smart choice for institutions or large windowed buildings, because the chain is not extremely reliable and safe. However, the most popular choice nowadays is remote control operation. Despite their high price, remote control roller blinds are chosen by many business owners because of their ease of use and, lately, many people have purchased RC blinds for their houses, for the same reasons.

Two types of remote control roller blinds: standard and reverse roll

The blinds can be rolled onto the tubes in two ways: on the back of the tube, close to the window, or in front of the tube. The first option is the most popular one, and it is called standard roll. The second one is called reverse roll. Reverse roll blinds create space between the blinds and the window, and offer the possibility of hiding the fabric that is rolled onto the tube. This rolling method is mostly chosen for Victorian conservatories. Some blinds can actually switch between standard and reverse roll, depending on the owner’s preferences, without re-rolling the blinds.

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Remote control roller blinds – operation options

RC blinds can be either battery operated, or wired. The available voltage options are 240V and 24V. You can choose the type of operation depending on the size of the blinds: small blinds can be easily operated through a battery. 24 V blinds are medium in size, while 240 V is the option for large roller blinds. If you are planning on installing a home automated system, you have to go for 240V blinds. You can also install 24 V blinds, but in this case, you also need a radio conversion interface.

With the help of the remote control, you can raise or lower the roller blinds to different pre-set positions. Some remote control roller blinds offer hi-tech features, like an automatic timer. With the help of the automatic timer feature, you can set the time when the blinds will be automatically lowered or raised. For example, if you want to reduce sunlight at noon, you can pre-set the blinds to lower every day around noon, and rise in the evenings. This option also has safety benefits, because it can make other people think there is somebody at home, even where the house is actually empty.

Things to take into consideration when purchasing remote control roller blinds

The first thing you have to be aware of is the fact that large blinds need large and strong tubes to sustain them. If you opt for a heavy fabric, and you want to cover a large window with a single blind system, then the tube must be strong enough to resist the weight of the fabric. Thin tubes have the tendency to flex under the weight of large blinds. So, in case you find large tubes unappealing, you might have to consider purchasing more blinds to cover the whole window surface.

Also, if you have very long windows, there is the possibility that the fabric is not long enough to use a single piece of it, so more pieces of fabric must be joined together. Fabric width is one problem you have to take into consideration when deciding to cover large areas of windows with roller blinds. There are several solutions to achieve the desired length and width, but there are also some aesthetic issues that might not satisfy everybody.

Choosing different fabrics

The first characteristic of fabrics you have to decide on is their opacity. Some fabrics allow more sunlight to penetrate, while others block light completely. The fabrics that allow sunlight to enter the room are transparent. Blackout fabrics block light when blinds are lowered. Between these two extremes, you can find translucent and dim-out fabrics.

Some people prefer to allow some sunlight to penetrate their blinds, so they choose transparent or translucent fabrics, while others like to enjoy complete darkness, so they go for blackout roller blinds. However, blackout blinds need to have additional frames installed, which means additional costs.

After you have decided on the opacity of the remote control roller blinds, you also have to choose colour and texture. The best idea would be to talk to an interior designer that will suggest the best colours and patterns to give the finishing touch to your room, and create an even and “completed” atmosphere.

Choosing the best remote control roller blinds

The first thing you have to look for in roller blinds is stability and durability. Choose blinds that have strong enough metal tubes to support the weight of the fabric. If you plan to raise and lower your blinds frequently, choose strong and reliable model, that are resistant to intense usage. At the same time, it is advisable to look for models that offer smooth operation.

Make sure you understand all the functions of the remote control, and you find it easy to use. If you can afford it, look for remote control roller blinds that offer great light control, temperature and heat control, and an automated timer setting. These features will make your life a lot easier.

Do not forget about design, because, in the end, roller blinds are a valuable element of a room’s design, and are visible not only to the house’s inhabitants, but also to the outside world that gets to see them through your windows.

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