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Remote control roller blinds for windows are one of the most popular blinds on the market. Normal roller blinds are also among the most popular blinds in their class, but remote control roller blinds are better, because they have all the advantages of both classic roller blinds and electric blinds.

Remote control roller blinds for windows, just like classic roller blinds, were mostly used for high or wide windows, because operating the blinds of these windows required some effort. With remote control roller blinds, the same actions became effortless – one push of a button, and the blinds rose or lowered, according to the user’s desires.

Nowadays, though, both the classic and the remote control roller blinds for windows have become more popular. They are wanted in any kind of room, whether a bedroom, kitchen or office room. The reason for this is quite simple: they are elegant, exquisite and luxuriant. Also, their cost is similar to that of any other type of blinds in their class.

Remotely operated roller blinds

Roller blinds are usually made of fabric. Although the lack of variety in the range of materials may seem to be a disadvantage when compared to other types of blinds, it is not. Roller blinds and remote control roller blinds for windows in particular, stand out precisely because most of them are made of fabric. This gives them a feeling of originality and exclusivity. When you think of Venetian blinds, for example, you can think of plastic or wooden blinds. But when you refer to roller blinds, the one material that everyone has in mind is fabric. What can vary from one set of roller blinds to another is their design. While other kinds of blinds can have patterned fabric slats as well, in the case of roller blinds, we are not talking about a pattern that repeats on each slat or every few slats, but of an entire design, a picture if you want, imprinted as a whole on the blinds. Remote control roller blinds for windows allow you to surprise your guests with this imprinted picture as the blinds lower without you needing to adjust them manually.

There are also remote control roller blinds for windows that are made of other materials as well, or that are made of fabric in combination with other materials. But as you would expect, these blinds are more expensive. Still, if you can afford it, you can have remote control roller blinds made of aluminium, PVC, wood or bamboo. Aluminium blinds reflect sunlight better, while the other three offer better temperature control and also give a rustic feeling to the room and house. This is a great advantage for people owning boarding houses and holiday houses placed in rural areas or in the mountains.

Although remote control roller blinds for windows are quite limited in what concerns the materials used to make them, when it comes to colours, the offer is quite wide. Feel free to check out our offers in person or online and choose the colours you like or you think that would match the rest of your rooms and house best. While you are at it, choose the design, as well. You can also come with your own ideas of colouring and designs. Custom made roller blinds are quite popular these days since they further emphasize the idea of originality. Although a bit more expensive, they are worth the price, because you get to have something that no one else has.

Remote control roller blinds for windows have other advantages, as well. For instance, by being cordless, they remove the chances of the cord breaking and they prevent possible accidents. Also, since they are remote controlled, they are also automated. This means that they can be pre-programmed to close or open at certain hours, thus giving the impression that someone is at home, even when you are at work. This drives the thieves looking for an empty house to rob away.

But the greatest advantage of the remote control roller blinds for windows is probably the remote control itself. The fact that you do not have to walk to the window and pull the cord, nor to the wall-switch and press a button, but all you have to do is to push a button on the remote control while you are still sitting on the couch relaxing or enjoying a movie is definitely a great thing.

Most of the remote controls usually come with four buttons: raise, lower, stop and “my”. It is obvious what the “raise” and “lower” buttons do; the “stop” button is used when you want to raise or lower the blinds only partially. Thus, when the blinds have reached the desired position, you press this button, and the blinds stop. The “my” button is special. It offers you the possibility to set a preferred position of the blinds. By pressing it, the blinds will reach the position you like, the one you have already pre-programmed on the wall-switch.

You should know one little thing, though: while all remote control roller blinds for windows can be operated with both the remote control and the wall-switch, you will have to purchase the remote separately. This is because some remote controls can operate several blinds at once. While this is a good thing, some people may still prefer going around the house to adjust each set of blinds at a time.

Another great thing about our “remote control” electric roller blinds is that they are made to measure. We will personally come to you, wherever you are in the UK, and take the necessary measurements. We can also give you advice about the blinds that would fit each room best and offer you information on their prices. This way, you will not have to come personally to our stores and see what we have for sale, if you do not have the time. You only need to choose the remote control roller blinds for windows that you think are ideal, and we will bring them to you and install them.

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