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For long, hot and sunny summer days, but also to keep your private life away from the sight of curious looks, our remote control pleated blinds are always an excellent choice.

Remote Control Pleated Blinds – Whim or Necessity?

Technical development shows its presence in many aspects of our everyday life, including when it comes to simple things like blinds. Although some years ago only a few people could afford distance controlled blinds, nowadays, the number of those who consider purchasing such items is considerably higher. It is not just because the price has turned more accessible, although it is entirely true, but also due to the numerous benefits involved. Having remote control pleated blinds saves you a lot of time and effort when it comes to adjusting their angle in order to allow the proper amount of sunlight to enter the rooms. No more difficult handling! It can be all taken care of with the push of a button.

Blinds in this category are more than perfect for people with physical disabilities, who cannot move freely without assistance. Using a simple remote control they can keep the sun glare away and enjoy privacy at the same time. – Your Remote Control Pleated Blinds Supplier

As mentioned above, remote control blinds became more affordable throughout the last couple of years. As a consequence, the number of companies producing them grew as well.

Among them, at Motorized Blinds, we managed to start a new tradition regarding quality, design and commitment to clients. We adjusted our products to the requirements of today’s technical development, and we even went online. As you will soon discover on your own, at we are not offering only the best and newest in remote control pleated blinds, but also an awesome range of other models. All sizes and models are available both custom made and made to measure. Our company offers free measuring services all across the UK.

Also, due to the numerous orders we receive and the sales volume, we have some of the lowest prices in the country. All the materials we use are purchased directly from the manufacturers, at rates significantly lower than what most suppliers offer. Thus, we ensure two benefits at the same time – high quality and low cost. Our remote control pleated blinds are suitable not only for home design, but also for schools, offices, hotels, and basically any other commercial premises. They come in different sizes, forms and colors, allowing our clients a variety of choices.

Remote Control Pleated Blinds Features

– Completely automatic – They come in two variants, battery operated and electrically operated. The blinds in the first category use 24V batteries to function, while the others have an electrical system installed and require a power chord.

– Easy to handle – All you have to do is to push the button of the remote control. With this simple move, the level of light is adjusted easily and even allows a more efficient temperature control during the hot summer days.

– Noiseless – The sound of the running motor is almost imperceptible, so you will not be distracted from your daily activities or while sleeping.

– Lot of forms – We have to remind the classical, low cost, single pleat model and the cellular form. Although the first is more convenient from the financial point of view, remote control pleated blinds with cellular or duets design are more resistant. The unique form of honey comb in which the pleats are assembled offers an exquisite touch of elegance and luxury.

– Suitable for different locations – They can be used in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, when it comes to a standard house. However, they are also designed to offer shading solutions for other premises, such as schools, offices, etc.

– Available in various sizes – Usually, they are fit for middle sized and big windows. However, the employees of Motorized Blinds can come to your house and measure any type of window, in order to make sure you enjoy perfectly fit remote control pleated blinds.

– Privacy – The pleats stack perfectly, offering a great sense of intimacy. It is an important quality when it comes to blinds, besides keeping away excessive glare and providing desired shade.

– Wide range of models – From the fanciest models to the ones with not so many bells and whistles, everything is available.

– Great variety of prices – There are solutions for all pockets, from convenient pleated blinds, with budget prices, to more expensive, exclusive design blinds.

Given the facts, choosing the RC pleated blinds that meet your style and design criteria should not be very difficult, remaining in the end just a matter of size and taste. Visiting and browsing through our current offer should be more than enough.

Once you have an idea of the type and estimated cost of the blinds you want, you can contact us, and our employees in charge with measurements will arrive at your doorstep in no time, no matter in what part of the UK you live. The service is, of course, free of charge. We simply want to make sure the blinds fit your needs and expectations. At Motorized Blinds, we take our job seriously. The costumers have the chance to verify the quality of our products before purchasing. Our sales representatives are instructed not to pressure clients into signing contracts, but to listen to them, answer their questions and wait.

We just want to make sure you will not regret your decision of working with us and you will even refer us to your friends, neighbors and relatives. It is how we succeeded to keep our standards high and our customers happy. Give us a chance, and we will make you happy as well. Seriously, if you think it is time to change your blinds, you just have to visit and take a look at the numerous remote control pleated blinds models we sell.

Our Company Supplies and Fits remote control window blind Nationwide, for example we have recently fit remote control blinds in Kettering, Watford, Reading, Worcester and Guildford.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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