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Remote control blinds represent some of the latest innovations in window shading, allowing for easy control, and, therefore, allowing you to easily adjust the brightness and the temperature in the room, with just the touch of a button. There is no need to stretch to reach in some of the most uncomfortable areas in order to reposition your blinds, and there is no need to go through every room and perform adjustments on all of your blinds. With the help of a TV-style remote control, you can simply control your blinds from the cosiness of your bed.

We, at, provide blinds with superior light blocking properties, controlled by one-touch wireless remote controls. Our sun protective blinds are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries or home theatres, especially since they are incredibly silent. We design our blinds using the ultimate fabrics, with anti UV and anti glare properties, resistance to heat and mechanical actions, and impressive textures, all enhanced by truly superb colours that will leave your breathless.

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Remote control blinds add a plus of excitement to window shades, which are no longer limited to being practical, but become stylish and impressive at a whole different level. What is truly captivating about these blinds is their simplicity, amazing functionality and power.

Our infra red controlled blinds help houses and companies be efficient, as people living or working in a building need less time to adjust the blinds, according to the time of the day or to a certain event that is about to happen. This is how remote controlled blinds help you use less artificial light and use the air conditioner less frequently. You no longer have to bother to keep your place chilled and properly lighted; you do it in record time.

When you use natural light, you protect your eyes and you enhance the beauty of your home. However, you would most likely not want to give up your privacy in order to benefit from natural light; also, you probably would not like to suffer because of the heat that comes along with the bright light. But, if you use our remote control blinds, you can have both a beautiful, natural light and the perfect, cool temperature in your home. It is as simple as touching the button and tilting your blinds. You can do it while watching TV or while working out on the treadmill.

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Imagine how it will feel to use our remote control blinds in your bathroom, without having to get out of the bathtub or stand on a stool to pull the blind down. This is just one eloquent example, but you will come across far more, which will make you understand the necessity of using automated blinds in your home, and be truly glad about your decision of purchasing such blinds.

While the main purpose of blinds is to ensure intimacy and heat and bright light protection, they cannot do so unless you lift the blinds’ fabrics or slats, or push them down. Imagine doing this manually, each day, several times per day. You can see that it becomes tiring – even annoying. Keeping your blinds fully closed at all times is not a solution. You need natural light to enter your room, and you need fresh air. The only real alternative you have is to install some remote control blinds that will offer you total freedom and effortless results.

You can totally trust electrically operated blinds, as they function on simple principles. If you can handle turning your TV on and off and switching between the channels, you will definitely handle adjusting your blinds with the help of a remote control, as it is much easier to use than a TV remote control. Remote control blinds work on low voltage, so there is no danger of overheating or malfunctioning.

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Anyway, you should not at all be concerned about the ease of use or maintenance requirements of your remote control blinds, because we will explicitly show you and teach you all you need to know about using your blinds – which will resume to just a few things. Here, at, we offer free measuring services, complemented by installation, which is followed by demos that help our clients get used with their new blinds. While there is not much to be learnt actually, we still provide our full support and assistance – online and at your place.

We are known to provide astonishing, high-fashion fabrics, complemented by perfect finishes. Our range of plush remote control blinds enhances the modern architecture of windows or bi-fold or sliding doors. Some of the fabrics that we use allow light to gently diffuse through them, bathing the room in soothing shades, perfect for an afternoon nap, a romantic meal or a creative moment.

If you like to be inspired and if you want your home to reflect who you really are, window shades are the accessories that you should focus on. The details are always those that take us close to perfection. In the modern world, perfection is no longer intangible. Take full control over the environment you are living and working in, and over the way you spend every second of your time. You must try to maximize the comfort and diminish the discomfort as much as you can. If you manage to do so, you will be a happy, complete person.

We live in a material world, but nonetheless, objects can have spiritual properties, they can change the way we feel, and they can help us improve our lives, and, by doing so, they can help us improve who we are as persons. Therefore, when you think about our remote control blinds think about the comfort, safety and serenity that they can offer.

Our remote control blinds are not just the latest addition in interior decor, they are the latest improvement to one’s comfort, well being, and general mood; if you want your home to become that perfect, cosy environment you have been dreaming of, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Company Supplies and Fits automated blind systems Nationwide, for example we have recently fit remote control blinds in Kettering, London, Slough, Thatcham and Ipswich.

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