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Did you know that you can now have control over sunlight with our new system of remote control blinds for conservatories? Well, it is true and you can start working your magic right now! Not with a magic stick though, but with the touch of a button!

Why Remote Control Blinds for Conservatories?

Conservatories are spaces that require a lot of attention, because they have a specific architectural design. Large and high roofs, lots of window areas, lots of corners and difficult to reach places. Our remote control blinds for conservatories are the best solution to have high functionality and style put together, to manage your surroundings however and whenever you want and last, but not least, to keep you and your family safe.

The Happy Mix of Technology and Style

Made of fabrics destined both to luxurious and simple lifestyles and wallets, we can offer you a wide range of textures, patterns and types of remote control blinds for conservatories. The most common ones in this case are the fitted roller blinds and the fitted pleated blinds.

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Think limitless! You do not have to choose just one type, combination is always a solution, especially when you want a more lively conservatory design or if you want to save some money.

Our blinds are made to be fitted both to the sides of the conservatory and to the roof. When practicality and design come up, the best choice for the roof is pleated blinds, while for the sides, roller blinds are better.

The explanation is simple. The pleated blinds are able to cover large areas, and can fit even less accessible corners, being therefore easier to adjust when they have a remote control operation system.

Because they contain guiding wires, they can easily fit trapezoidal roofs, they are much tidier than other types of blinds, and they remain attached to the roof panels (if you used for example roller blinds for the roof, these would have created that effect of “hanging down”). It does not matter if your conservatory is Edwardian, Victorian or P-shaped, our remote control blinds for conservatories can cover any shape and any corner!

Fitted roller blinds, on the other hand, are perfect for large windows and can be easily installed. Moreover, they are cheaper than the pleated ones, so if you are focused on budget prices but also on a dynamic effect, combining is your thing!

Do it with style and your conservatory will be the magazine-like spot in your home! Play with colours, textures, fabrics and create that atmosphere that makes you feel most at home or that reflects your personality best. Whether you want a plush or a traditional effect, our offer can cover any taste and also any budget.

Wish It and Click It

The infra-red controlled technology that makes it possible to operate the blinds by remote control allows you to have the proper shades, the wanted privacy or the desired heat, right from the comfort of your sofa or armchair! The great thing about them is also that you can operate several at once, or they are programmable to open or close at a certain time. How is that for minimum effort, or, better said, no effort at all?

Because of the large roof and window areas, conservatories are a delicate matter when it comes to sun. One of the most important functions of this remote control blinds for conservatories is that they are a barrier against direct sunlight and heat, so they will protect your furniture from the dangerous effect of the UV and will even reduce the heat when the air gets too hot.

Imagine you come home tired and you need some moments for yourself to relax and let your mind flow. A single touch of a button will give you the privacy that you need. The same single touch of a button will give you shades when the sun is too bright and will take away from the heat, when the air is too hot. Isn’t it amazing? You just have to wish it and click it!

Keep Your Family Safe

You may not have given the subject much thought so far, but here’s something really important and sensible about the remote control blinds for conservatories. If the remote control technology means that you will no longer have cables, chains or cords anywhere near your windows or roofs, less of those things come with more safety for your children and why not, for your beloved pets, who would otherwise be prone to accidents of this type.

Our electric control blinds for conservatories are your guarantee that no such accidents will happen, so you can just relax, lay back and touch the button! Their job is to do things for you!

Let Us Be Your Next Stop

So, here is why remote control blinds for conservatories should be your next investment. And a very wise one if you choose our offer! We can come wherever you are in the UK and make all the necessary measurements for free! You and your needs are our focus, so it is only natural to understand budget limitations.

What you don’t know is that we really have solutions for everybody. We take the time to listen to you, we take the time to analyze what you need and the result will be a made to measure offer.

Well, if your next investment is decided now, your next stop is our shop. We know how difficult it is to find the things you are looking for when the Internet offers you so many online solutions, but we have shown you what makes us better than the others and why you should choose us as a supplier of pure comfort and safety.

It’s your turn to be spoiled now, and we can spoil you professionally, so contact us and you will have the remote control blinds for conservatories in no time, because you can always use a drop of magic in your life!

We supply and fit remote control blind systems Nationwide, recently we have fit powered blinds in Liverpool, Watford, Reading, Crawley and Denham.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the details below.

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