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Are you looking for a great model of remote control blackout blinds? You have come to the right place. At, you can find the most beautiful and stylish remote controlled blackout blinds, at the lowest prices on the market. Check out our offer and convince yourself.

Remote control blackout blinds are extremely appreciated by people who have to sleep during the day, because they work at night, by babies who spend most of their time sleeping in their beds, and ill people who need to rest and recover their energy. Not all these people can sleep when the sun is up in the sky, so blackout blinds are the best solution to ensure a restful, quiet, and peaceful sleep, no matter if it is morning or night, noon or evening.

At the same time, blackout blinds can also be used in order to protect your room and the furniture against intense sunlight. If you live in a very sunny area, there is a high risk that your furniture and its fabric will be decoloured and deteriorated because of the sun. With the help of the remote control blackout blinds, the people that live in your house, as well as all the objects, will be protected from harmful UV rays.

Another benefit of the blackout blinds is temperature control. When the sun continuously falls in through your windows, the temperature inside the room might become unbearable. Blackout blinds offer a luxurious solution. When you lower the blinds, with the help of the remote control, they will reflect sunlight and maintain a cool temperature in the room. Even the sunniest days of the year will seem pleasant and relaxing if you install blackout blinds.

Types of remote control blackout blinds

There are various types of blackout blinds, for example roman, or roller blinds. Their distinctive characteristic is the thick, opaque fabric they are made of. Usually, there are two layers of fabric, a blackout one that blocks light, and another layer that can be coloured or patterned. The backing fabric used has blackout properties, and might not be very appealing. However, the front of the blinds is usually made of a beautiful fabric that can have different textures, models, and colours, so you can match it to your interior design style.

When the remote control blackout blinds are raised, natural light enters the room. Lower the blinds, and you will be able to enjoy a perfectly dark room, and have the impression night has fallen in a matter of seconds.

In order to block the sunlight completely, blackout blinds must be custom made, so that they have the exact size of your window and there are no cracks through which sunlight might enter. Sometimes, additional frames must be installed in order to prevent sunlight from entering the room.

Our made to measure blackout blinds will offer you not only the comfort and safety you have been looking for, but also the possibility to enhance the beauty and style of your room, and achieve an unitary and unique interior design. Besides their clear instrumental purposes, remote control blackout blinds can also be a valuable design element of a room, the element that can transform a boring and conventional interior in an exquisite, luxurious environment.

Measuring the area that will be covered with blinds can be difficult for a beginner. Because we care about our customers and their satisfaction, we have created a free measurement service everybody can benefit from. Contact us online, and we will visit you at home, no matter where you live in the UK. We will immediately evaluate your needs and the cost of necessary blinds, and make the best offer, considering your budget.

Remote control blackout blinds – available choices

Some people may not want to block light completely with the help of their blackout blinds. If that is also your case, you should know that there are various options you can choose from. Some fabrics used to create blackout blinds are not completely opaque, so they can contribute to creating a dimming effect. Even though they have light-blocking properties, these blinds are not fitted to a frame, and light could enter through the cracks created at the extremities of the blinds.

Some remote control blackout blinds offer hi-tech features, like heat control and automated timer. Some blinds have diverse types of operation, not just the standard lowering and raising operation options.

Another popular type of blackout blinds is cellular blinds. This type of blinds offers high insulation, varied operation and can block more than 80% of the light that hits your windows. There are multiple colours available, and their overall appearance is extremely modern, so many people prefer cellular blinds to other types of remote control blackout blinds.

Rooms where remote control blackout blinds are most appropriate

One room where many people choose to install blackout blinds is the bedroom, of course. The blackout blinds can help people sleep profoundly, without being disturbed of the blinding sun. Furthermore, blackout blinds also offer increased privacy, because nobody can see inside the room through them.

Because children sleep more than adults, and, most of the times, they also sleep during the day, installing blackout blinds in children’s rooms can be a wise choice.
For the same reasons, blackout blinds are very popular in nurseries. Little babies have their nap time during the day, and sunlight can be an obstacle to their peaceful sleep.
Remote control blackout blinds are also appropriate for conference rooms where visual presentations are being held. When the sun shines, the quality of the projected image is very low, so the audience might not be able to see much of it. With the help of blackout blinds, this problem is prevented.

Last, but not least, there are people that prefer the traditional way of developing photographs and have photograph development rooms. These rooms must be completely dark in order not to destroy the photographs. By installing remote control blackout blinds, tradition loving photographers will be able to make the most of their small pieces of art.

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